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Airless Bottles and Containers

Our DIY airless bottles help keep contaminants and bacteria out of your homemade formulations. Fingers are the number one cause of a product becoming contaminated.

Airless bottles:

Help keep your organic skincare formulations stay airtight, for a longer-lasting product. They are a must for any who likes to make their skincare. Airless bottles use an airless system with a stem. They do not use tubes. The pumps use a pressure system that lifts the product from the bottom. They are made to perform well with liquids, thick creams, and everything in-between.

Our bottles come in 1 ounce (30ml) with a silver collar, lid, and base. The body is clear. The 1 oz. Size is specially made to work with all types of formulas from thin liquids to thick moisturizers. Our .5 ounce (15ml) airless bottle is a miniature version of the 1 oz. The base and cap are silver, and the body is clear. They work best a variety of formulations, from thin serums to thick creams.


Our glass jars come in a .5 oz size and include a dropper bottle with tamper-evident lid. Glass bottles function best with liquids to thin creams. The colored glass protects your formulations from light.

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