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Sustainable, and Multi-Faceted 

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Scientific Name {Phyllostachys Nigra}
Common Name {Bambusa, Fargesia, Sasaella and about 1,000 more)
Family Name {Poaceae, Grass Family}

Eco-friendly Bamboo in Sustainable Beauty Products

Eco-friendly Bamboo in sustainable beauty products is good for our environment. Additionally, it is one of the best renewable sources available on the planet.

Climate-Friendly and Sustainable Beauty Ingredients

With over a thousand species, Bamboo's fast-growing eco-friendly material has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Bamboo is often organically grown because it is naturally pest resistant and does not need pesticides or herbicides. It traps carbon dioxide and then releases it into the environment as pure oxygen, just like trees, but more efficiently.

This ingredient is one of the best sustainable beauty products because it is versatile.

For instance, you can find it in just about anything: clothing, floors, food, cosmetic brushes, shampoo, and skincare. So, if you want healthy-looking hair and skin, consider adding Bamboo to your beauty routine.

Bamboo is high in silica which is treated like collagen in your body. Cross-linked collagen emerges as we age and further loses its ability to absorb moisture, causing drier, wrinkled skin.

Silica increases the skin's water content, improving elasticity with needed moisture. In hair care products, it enhances both hydration and luster.

Try Bamboo Sustainable Beauty Products today. Our trees will thank you!

*Thumbnail pictures of the Bamboo Forest at Oheo Gulch in Maui, Hawaii.

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