Basics of Reflexology

Learn the Basics of Reflexology

Did you know that headaches can be relieved with a foot massage? The idea seems strange, but it can actually work; and who doesn’t like getting their feet rubbed? This practice is called reflexology. When you have reflexology done to your feet, it can help cure other ailments in your body.

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What is reflexology?

Reflexology is primarily the idea that parts of your feet correspond to other parts of your body. Applying pressure to these areas on your feet can alleviate issues in the body's corresponding areas. Reflexology has divided the feet into different zones, each matching up with a zone on the body. Within those zones are specific points representing various organs and body parts. When these points are massaged, the foot’s counterpart is stimulated. It is thought that this practice enables the healing power of the body, making the body stronger and healthier naturally.

How can I do reflexology?

If you want a true healing treatment, it is best to find a local certified reflexologist. They have studied the technique in-depth and will accurately help you with specific pain or stress concerns.

Knowing the basics of reflexology can help you relieve some pain and stress when you don’t have the opportunity to visit a reflexologist. The first thing you need to do is try to relax. Find a comfortable, quiet area without distractions. On a foot map, locate the area of your body that needs relief. Using your thumbs and fingers, apply pressure and massage for a few minutes. Make sure to apply deep, but not painful, pressure to both feet in the determined area.
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Head and neck:

Find the reflex points on the toes to relieve tension in your head and neck. The joints of the eight little toes all help with the neck. Rubbing these areas will assist in relieving tension and stress felt in the neck. If you have a headache, the two big toes correspond to the head. Apply pressure all over these toes to relieve the pain. If you are experiencing a migraine, try massaging all ten toes all over.Ear chart for pressure points


If you are experiencing stress that makes your chest feel tight, try massaging the balls of your feet. The lungs, heart, airways, chest, and shoulders are all located in this area, so stress or tightness felt in those areas can be lightened by rubbing the balls of your feet.


If you are nervous or anxious about something, its stress can often be felt in the stomach. When you are experiencing this kind of stress, try massaging the instep of your foot. This area houses the reflex points for the abdominal organs and can help relieve tension there.

Aches and pains:

Getting an all-over reflexology treatment can help reduce stress, aches, and pains felt throughout the body. Going through each zone and putting pressure on every point can help heal the body as a whole rather than focusing on one particular area.

Try massaging each area for about ten seconds. If any area feels especially sore, spend some extra time on that point; its corresponding area may be the source of your stress or pain. This is also helpful to do if you are having trouble sleeping. It will help relax your body and minimize the stress that may be keeping you up.

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