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Scientific Name: {Lonicera Caprifolium}
Common Name: {Honeysuckle Flower}

Honeysuckle has been used for centuries in the East for its skin-soothing and calming properties. Rich in skin-friendly nutrients, the flower's petals and leaves have been a favorite in Chinese medicine. The petals and leaves can soothe irritated skin and nourish the dry, oily, or mature complexion.

The extract from this plant can be used as a powerful sunblock. This makes it ideal for women who want to improve the appearance of photoaged skin and prevent premature aging.

As an anti-inflammatory, honeysuckle reduces redness and improves the skin's tone and texture. For women who struggle with redness and irritation in the skin, a honeysuckle product can help wipe out this irritation by the target and remove the impurities in the skin that cause it.

Often, irritation results from pollutants on the surface of the kinds of makeup or cleansers a woman uses. Unfortunately, not every cosmetic contains the most skin-friendly ingredients. However, using honeysuckle, even for women with sensitive skin that becomes red and irritated no matter what you do, can reduce redness.

Honeysuckle Balances Oily and Combination Skin

If you use a new product that irritates your skin, you can use honeysuckle extract to soothe that irritation after you stop using it. If you have sensitive skin, you know that your skin can become irritated by merely switching to a new product. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be because the product itself is irritating.

To combat this, use a honeysuckle product to help calm down. In addition, if you have a chronic rash or irritation, like psoriasis or eczema, honeysuckle can reduce the redness caused by these conditions over time.

If you suffer from acne, honeysuckle can also help balance oily and combination skin. In addition, this ingredient contains a natural antibacterial component. Acne is typically caused by a mix of oil, bacteria, or toxins on the skin. But may also be due to hormonal fluctuations.

When the oil is trapped in a pore by dead skin cells or bacteria, it can get worse and create a minor infection, manifesting as a blemish or a pimple. Honeysuckle helps to take the bacteria out of the equation and removes excess oil.

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