DIY Scrubs

  • Anti-Age Essential Oil Blend

    Add the Anti-Age Essential Oil blend to help reduce the signs of aging. Add a fresh, lightly floral aroma to any DIY skincare product. You can even add it to your diffuser or homemade hair care.

  • Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend

    Make DIY skincare and your own all-natural and toxin-free cleaning products! Make your own natural and toxin-free cleaners in your own home! Creating your own cleaners will save you time and money!

  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

    Calm and soothe with the Organic Lavender Essential Oil from Plant Therapy.

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Scrub {to rub an exfoliant on the skin and rinse with a face wash}
Common Ingredients {Jojoba beads, Bamboo beads, Oat Flakes, Brown Sugar, Salt, Coffee Powder, Walnut Seeds, Apricot Seeds, Baking Soda, Microderm Beads}

A scrub removes dirt, debris, and rough surface skin cells that can build up over time.

The result? A cleaner, smoother facial complexion that is naturally glowing.

Learn how to make DIY scrubs and reveal a youthful glow.