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Skin-Friendly Jojoba Oil

Moisturizing Jojoba Oil

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 Jojoba Oil EWG Database RankingScientific Name: {Simmondsia Chinesis}
Common Name: {Buxus Chinesis, jojoba, jojoba bean oil}

Jojoba oil is one of the most recognizable ingredients used in skincare today, derived primarily from a shrub in the Southwest United States and Mexico.

Native Americans have historically used jojoba oil for some uses, including wounds and keeping skin looking young and fresh.

The oil pressed from the seeds of this shrub has a very similar chemistry to the oils our bodies create, making it very compatible with most skin types. However, until recently, jojoba oil was not commonly used in cosmetics.

Today, it is one of the best moisturizing ingredients for any skincare routine.

The Native Americans used this oil primarily to treat cuts and scratches on the skin. Jojoba oil is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, meaning that it can clean and sanitize the skin without causing undue irritation.

Reveal Clear Skin

It also provides serious nutrients. So whether you have blemishes, acne, or photoaging deep underneath the skin, jojoba oil can provide a healthier environment, allowing your complexion to renew more efficiently.

jojoba oil for mature skin

The moisturizing benefits are significant, especially for those with dry skin. Properly moisturized skin is essential to health and keeps your complexion looking young.

Jojoba oil is chalked full of nutrients and skin barrier protection for the mature skin type. Jojoba helps the face and body appear smoother, more even, and refreshed.

Because jojoba oil's makeup is similar to the composition of our body's moisture, it is one of the ideal moisturizers on the market.

It absorbs the ingredient into the deep layers of skin, firming and plumping the skin and leaving it looking healthy and refreshed.

Further, it is similar to our natural moisturizer, this oil will not leave the face looking greasy and will help combat excess oil throughout the day.

Some women with problematic skin benefit from adding jojoba oil to their routine. For example, it can be ideal for women with acne-prone skin. As it is also an anti-inflammatory, topical jojoba oil can prevent bacteria from clogging your pores. Still, it can also help decrease the redness often accompanying a pimple.

It moisturizes and cleanses the skin, so it is free from bacteria and excess oil; the leading causes of acne. If you have redness in the face due to rosacea, this oil may also calm your complexion.