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Kojic Acid in Skincare

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Kojic acid is created by fungi, a by-product of the fermentation of rice. It is one of the most popular skin-lightening treatments on the market, not only because it is naturally derived but also because it is incredibly effective.

For women with freckles, age spots, and other dark spots on their skin that they want removed, a product containing kojic acid is a great starting place. A note of warning, however. This acid is very potent, and when not diluted properly, can cause damage to the skin.

It's important to always purchase your kojic acid through a reliable retailer like us here at Skin Perfection!

What does kojic acid do?

The correct formulation can significantly reduce the appearance of dark spots on the skin and create a more even, bright complexion. Many of the dark spots on our skin are caused by sun damage, whether in the mild form of freckles or the most severe age spots.

Whether your spots only show up in the summer, or are a year-round annoyance, kojic acid is the right product.

Benefits of Kojic Acid

1. Reduces existing pigmentation

Over the years and years of sun exposure, even if you are careful and wear sunblock and attempt to stay out of the sun, you will probably end up with some photoaging due to sun exposure. It is inevitable, mainly because we are not always as careful as we should be. But, sometimes circumstances beyond our control force us into the sun without protection.

No matter how proactive we are or what we do to prevent it, most of us will end up with some dark pigmentation on our faces. Kojic acid can help reduce the appearance of these marks. The acid fights the hyperpigmentation in the skin, breaking it up and making it appear lighter.

2. Protects against future pigmentation

A daily application of kojic acid can ensure that no other dark spots appear. This is because the acid will block the substance in our skin that creates dark spots - not the substance that makes us tan, but the component of our skin that forms the permanent dark spots that do not fade over time as tans do. With sun exposure, our skin sometimes produces no melanin by melanocytes. Melanocytes create unsightly dark spots instead of just a normal sunburn or tan.

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