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L-Carnitine in Beauty

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Skin Deep Cosmetic Review

Scientific Name: {Levocarnitine}
Common Name: {Carnitine}
Common Sources: {salmon, asparagus}

L-Carnitine has explicitly been isolated for use on oily skin - a major problem that plagues women of all ages. Naturally found in the human body, it plays vital energy, restoring, and cleansing roles.

When applied to the skin, it plays those same roles, boosting the appearance of your complexion.

Promote Healthier Skin

Older skin cannot utilize the nutrients to generate new skin cells and keep current skin cells looking healthy. With less energy created, cells quickly die, and new cells cannot replace them. In this situation, we see wrinkled, gray, and sagging skin.

L-Carnitine invigorates the skin's natural energy production processes. As energy production increases, cells can become stronger, more resilient, and live longer. This results in their retaining full, vibrant appearances until a new cell layer is ready.

Just as better energy production boosts the longevity of living cells, it helps cells regenerate faster so that the skin can maintain its bright, youthful appearance.

Amino acids are the fundamental components of DNA and other proteins, which our bodies use to build new cells. As one of the most abundant and useful amino acids, L-Carnitine can help restore areas of irritation and deliver new cells' building blocks to those needing those new cells. As a result, you can improve the look of blemishes, scrapes, scars, and premature aging caused by free radicals by using a product that utilizes L-Carnitine.

Though L-Carnitine is not a moisturizer, it enhances the cell's ability to hold onto moisture produced and introduced to the skin. As a result, it allows more moisture to enter the cell and strengthens it to hold onto that moisture more efficiently.

Further, because of this, the skin produces less oil, which those with oily complexions can find some relief.