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Calming Lavender

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Ingredient Skin Deep ReviewScientific Name: {Lavandula}
Common Name: {Lavender oil}

Lavender has long been utilized in tea, sprays, and aromatics to soothe and relax. Cosmetics use it for its soothing benefits. In addition, lavender is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and circulation booster.

These properties make it an excellent ingredient in skincare for young and mature women.

Every day, our skin faces attacks from bacteria. We pick up bacteria from surfaces we touch and transfer them to our skin by touching them. As this happens more and more often, our skin becomes susceptible to becoming dirty and clogged. In addition, it is harder to restore when broken or scratched.

Using a lavender product and its antibacterial properties helps the skin fight dangerous bacteria, clear blocked pores, and regenerate the complexion.

Inflammation of the skin manifests itself as redness on the face. It may also exacerbate other skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. In addition, it makes it harder for our skin to restore itself and makes it less resistant to staying healthy.

Using lavender as an anti-inflammatory decreases the look of redness in the skin and helps reduce the inflammation's other detrimental effects.

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It can brighten the appearance of your complexion. Better blood flow means more oxygen gets to the cells and other nutrients that cells need to produce energy and regenerate.

When there is proper circulation, the skin looks brighter and clearer.

Lavender Smooths Skin

Some dermatologists believe lavender's ester content can help smooth wrinkles caused by constricted facial muscles. In the same way, lavender-infused massage oils can soothe tensed muscles in other body parts.

Though some women are allergic to lavender, it is considered safe for use in cosmetics. In addition, adding the lavender essential oil to other products, such as an anti-aging serum, will brighten and compound that serum's benefits.

Adding lavender to makeup can fight oiliness throughout the day and help keep pores clean and clear. In addition, a lotion can help train cells to retain their natural moisture, contributing to clearer faces and fewer blemishes and oiliness.