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Skin Firming Clay Mask Recipe

Facial masques can do many things. They can nourish, brighten, tighten, calm, and even exfoliate. Fresh botanicals, fruits, essential oils, clays, and peptides are all excellent natural ingredients to include in your facial masques. Add in anti-aging peptides to boost its performance. Or add essential oils to provide aromatherapy. All skin types can significantly benefit from masque treatment.

You can even make a custom anti-aging facial masque for mature skin. They have been used throughout time to nourish your complexion. Cleopatra was known for using lactic acid (derived from milk) to improve her complexion.

Types of Masks:

  • Clay- Naturally derived from the earth, clay provides the best tightening.
  • Honey- Propolis is extraordinarily moisturizing.
  • Gels- Nourishing gels provide essential vitamins and moisturization.
  • Enzyme- Perfect for sensitive skin. Extremely gentle.

Masques are simple and super fun to make. Try our recipes below.

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