Sea Buckthorn Berry

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Scientific name: {Hippophae rhamnoides}
Common name: {Sea buckthorn fruit extract}

Sea Buckthorn is a berry that grows mainly in Eastern Europe. It has long been used for its therapeutic and cleansing properties. Recently, it has been used in the mainstream cosmetics industry.

Therefore, this berry is orange-red and high in beta-carotene, an essential nutrient, and antioxidant.

Skin benefits of Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn Berry | Natural-Looking Glow

  1. Antioxidant. Though it has many other properties, Sea Buckthorn can be utilized only for its antioxidant power. Rich in essential vitamins protects the skin from free radical aging, even acting as a mild sunscreen to protect the skin from  UV rays. When free radicals are let loose in the skin, they begin to cause some problems. Specifically, they break down the skin's support structures, which causes premature lines, wrinkles, and even the sagging, hollow skin that indicates age. By fighting these free radicals, Sea Buckthorn lessens the appearance of these signs of aging.
  2. After sun salve. If you are sunburned or have too much time in the sun, you can feel the UV rays wreaking havoc on your skin. A Sea Buckthorn product can calm and soothe. It can also soothe burned skin and mitigate the redness and pain that often follows too much sun exposure.
  3. Skin Restoring. Though we rarely have an actual wound on our faces, we may have a blemish or a pimple that we could not help but pick at, and as a result, we now have a small scar. Sea Buckthorn works deep in the underlayers of the skin to deliver the nutrients our skin needs. Plus, it increases circulation so irritants can be carried away and regenerate your complexion.
  4. Bronzing treatment. Though not its primary purpose, Sea Buckthorn can be used to enhance an artificial tan or create a natural-looking glow without having to go to a tanning salon or have another chemical-laden treatment. Because of its beta-carotene levels, regular application of Sea Buckthorn will naturally darken the skin.
  5. Slow down the signs of aging. Though you can't stop aging, its rate can be slowed down. Using antioxidants and other nutrients to increase cell turnover and growth speed, Sea Buckthorn can delay the development of some signs of aging.