What Does Your Skin Say About You?

Does your Show Signs About you?

Redness, Blemishes, Wrinkles key signals of skin problems

Is your skin healthy?

Have you ever noticed that your skin reacts differently when things are not as they should be? For example, do you see more acne around that time of the month?

Do certain foods make your cheeks red? Red pigmentation, dark-colored bags, and acne in particular areas of the body are just a few of the things that can be going on.

These signals can be indicators of problems occurring in the body. For example, sometimes breakouts occur, and we have no idea why.

Those breakouts and other imperfections may be signs of different things happening not just to your skin but also within your whole body. To find out what your skin is saying about you, read on.

Key Signals about your Skin

Redness or acne on the chin can be a sign of hormonal changes in the body. These fluctuations can be due to your monthly cycle.

Sometimes they are a signal that other things are going on. So it is best to get your hormones checked by a doctor.


Dark bags under the eye may be a signal that something is happening in the kidneys. In addition, dark areas are often a sign that the kidneys are not flushing out fluids at an optimum level.

Puffiness in the under-eye can also occur.

Large Intestines:
Redness or acne around the mouth can often suggest problems in the large intestines.


Just as yellow skin and eyes can be a sign of jaundice, redness, or acne on the forehead can indicate some things are going on in the liver.

Redness or acne on the cheeks can be an indication of things going on in the stomach. In addition, digestion issues such as IBS may play a role.

In conclusion, if you notice redness, irritation, or other skin issues, you may need to understand what is triggering the skin condition. Then, seeing a dermatologist or physician may be necessary.

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