Resveratrol Powder Extract

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Resveratrol Powder

Superb Antioxidant from Red Grapes!
Ultra-potent antioxidants from red grapes, Resveratrol powder. A beneficial addition to anti-aging formulas to reduce the signs of aging.
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Manufacturer: Skin Perfection

Product Description

Resveratrol Extract Powder

Recommended Usage Rate: 1-6%

Paraben-free and GMO-free!

10 g of powder in a jar with a silver lid

Resveratrol is an ultra-potent antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals from the skin of red grapes. Premature aging is due to overexposure to the sun.

Over time, photoaging begins to appear; resveratrol can help to reduce the appearance of aging skin. In addition, it's a powerful skin-brightener. That reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation with natural epicatechins, gallic, and ellagic acids.

  • Superb Antioxidant Protection
  • Free Radical Scavenger
  • Skin Brightener
  • Skin Firming and Smoothing
  • Preserves Dermal Collagen Stores
  • Naturally-Derived

Add the desired amount of the powder to your formulation, cream, or moisturizer. Expert formulators should only use this product. If you are a beginner, try dissolving the powder before adding it to your formulation.

How to use

Add Resveratrol powder to your formulation in the water phase. You can also add it at the end of a formulation or to an already made product. Plus, you may use it with other skin lighteners or antioxidants to boost performance.

Please visit our DIY instructional guideline page for instructions on how to add the powder to your formulation.

Recommended Use: 1-6%
Appearance: Brown Powder.
Soluble: In Water, Alcohol, or Glycerin.
Origin: USA.

Typically found in Japanese Knotweed, peanuts, grape skins, wine, and mulberry.

This powder is extracted from grape skins and helps fight premature aging, discolorations, uneven skin tones, and dull complexions.


  • Anti-aging serums for even skin tone and brightening
  • Skin brightening facial care
  • Anti-age spot formulations
  • Anti-aging creams and moisturizers
  • Toners
  • Body care products
  • Sun-care and sunscreen products for UV protection



Effective Naturals

Resveratrol from Red Grapes


Ask a Question
  • Help, I have some confusion about how to use this product. How much water should I use to dissolve before adding?

    Many times, powders do not need to be dissolved before adding to a formulation. However, if you wanted to predissolve the Resveratrol, you can do so in water, Alcohol, or Glycerin. The typical ratio is 1:1. That means for a teaspoon of powder, you would dissolve the powder in one teaspoon of the desired solvent.