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Relistase is an anti-aging tetrapeptide, designed to diminish some of the most problematic signs of aging in women. A tetrapeptide is a chain of four peptides, linked to an acid. Relistase specifically targets sagging skin, which many women find to be both an inconvenience and annoyance.

As the skin ages, collagen deposits in the lower layers of skin begin to break down, and the skin is unable to replace them. As this happens, the specific cells of the skin lose their elasticity, causing the skin to stretch and sag from the face. As it moves and sags, it is wrinkled and loose, sometimes hanging under the chin, around the eyes, and under the cheeks. This is one of the tell-tale signs of aging and one of the hardest to fight without cosmetic surgery.

Relistase’s amino acids help to restore the skin’s natural elasticity, which causes the skin to look firmer, tighter, and less wrinkled. As a woman ages, her body begins to eat away at the elastin in her skin cells. This is the property that keeps skin firm and full. Relistase protects elastin in the cells, allowing them to rebuild and stay stretchy and resilient. It can even help preserve connective tissue under the skin, which also begins to collapse during the aging process.

Another of Relistase’s benefits is its ability to encourage collagen production. The skin may cease producing collagen for some reason. It may not be able to utilize the nutrients it needs to produce these cells, or the production function itself may shut off. This further exacerbates sagging skin, creating a hollow complexion.

Tightening with Relistase

The primary function of Relistase is to firm and tighten the jowls, jawline, and cheek area of the face. But when combined with other anti-aging ingredients, it enhances other anti-aging peptides to be more productive. It is safe to use daily, every morning and night. Over time, as the skin begins to rejuvenate and replace its elastin and collagen. You will see your face naturally become tighter and firmer.

Relistase is often one of the main components in anti-aging serums, but it can also be added as a separate ingredient to eye and neck creams. Thought it could be used all over the face, it can also be used individually on the areas of most significant concern, which are generally around the neck and chin.

See your complexion bounce back with elasticity when using Relistase in your serum or moisturizer! 

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