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Sagging Neck and Jowls

The neck area is one of the most common concerns of aging. Is gravity beginning to take its toll? Are things heading south? Don't fret, just start firming up now! The fastest way to firm sagging areas is to use a Neck Tightening Treatment. Look for tightening ingredients such as peptides, seaweed or clay. Peptides lift the entire face so you can regain your once youthful appearance when gravity was not your enemy. Seaweed and clay naturally tighten and improve your skin's elasticity. We often forget about the neck and decollete area. Remember that you still need to exfoliate this area as dead skin cell build-up can cause wrinkles. If an exfoliating treatment is too harsh for this delicate area, try using a gentler sugar scrub. When sagging jowls and neck are your concern, you can put things back into place and get rid of a turkey neck with little extra care.

Tighten and firm the neck and jowl areas with these key ingredients:

  • Algae or Seaweed
  • Clay
  • Pepha Tight
  • Relistase
  • Skin Firm Di-peptide
  • Syn-Ake (smoothing peptide)
  • Uplevity

Anti-Aging Tip {Using a clay mask at least once a week, to keep your skin looking firm and taut. Incorporate a moisturizer with skin-firming peptides and use a tightening serum to target the jowl and neck areas.}

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Youth-boosting, clinically-validated anti-aging peptides nourish and hydrate with plumping spheres for an instant lift.
Hyaluronic Acid, Edelweiss Extract, Argireline, Snap-8, Matrixyl 3000, Inyline, Pepha Tight, Antarcticine, Phytocell Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cells), Adipofill-in, Syn-Coll, Juveleven, Matrixyl S-6, Uplevity, Spin Trap.
Firm up your skin fast with Pepha Tight and Relistase in our Neck Lift and Firm Serum and tell gravity to take a hike.
Go for the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid and highly concentrated peptides for visible results!
Firm up your skin with our Seven Seas Mask! Our mask incorporates Chirally Correct ingredients such as Marine Algae to firm and lift the skin's elasticity and improve tone for a flawless complexion!