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Anti-Aging Alpha Arbutin

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Alpha arbutin is naturally found in the leaves of the Bearberry plant. It is becoming one of the most popular ingredients in modern cosmetics and skin care, especially in lightening and brightening anti-aging products.

The berry from which alpha-arbutin is extracted is a bright red, sweet berry that is fantastic to eat. It is found in temperate climates and grows for most of the year. For centuries, many cultures have used it in natural medicine applications. It's even a natural food supply for bears.

The main active ingredient in this berry is alpha arbutin, a skin brightener and lightener at its core.

Sun and Age Spots

Remember the good old days. You are lying out in the sun. Baby oil was glistening all over your body. A bottle of sun-in or lemon juice spritzed on your hair.

Yes, that was when people were unaware of the skin-aging effects caused by the sun. But on the other hand, it was later discovered that overexposure to the sun subsequently causes faster aging, spots, and loss of elasticity, resulting in premature aging.

Light brown spots begin appearing on the cheeks. Sometimes on the forehead. The tan or brown color of your face comes from increased melanin. This occurs due to genetics; some call it liver or age spots.

One thing is for sure; they show your age, are challenging to treat and take time to fade.

In years past, dermatologists have used Hydroquinone, a prescription skin lightener. However, because it is available only from a dermatologist, many have shied away from using it because it has been known to contain carcinogens. 

Brighten your Complexion with Alpha Arbutin

Who doesn't want an even-toned complexion? But, as you age, dark spots may start cropping up. Brown circles, age, or liver spots, whatever you call them. Cheeks are the most common areas of the face they appear. But they also appear on the hands, arms, back, legs, and face.

Juicy bearberry contains alpha arbutin, a natural skin lightener.

Usually, age spots appear later in life. However, the damage from sun exposure happens before the age of 18. 

Specially formulated skin lighteners and brighteners are your best defense to lessen the appearance of dark spots over time.

Overexposure to the sun is the leading cause of discoloration age spots. When we flush, that is an increased amount of blood, and the surface appears red. Increased consumption of carotenoids can be yellow or orange, the color of our skin. Your face's tan or brown color comes from increased melanin, which can occur due to genetics.

Block Tyrosinase with Alpha Arbutin

However, along with melanin comes another substance called tyrosinase. This is a component of our skin that works similarly to melanin. Tyrosinase causes the darkening of the surface when the sun hits it. Alpha Arbutin blocks tyrosinase activity. It helps reduce the skin's melanin production. Unlike getting a suntan, the dark spots these tyrosinases cause rarely fade.

Alpha arbutin steps in and blocks tyrosinase from developing into a dark spot by quickly absorbing into the skin. It reacts with tyrosinase, reducing its effect. In clinical trials, alpha arbutin products have performed better than other skin lighteners and brighteners — good news for women who want to naturally reduce the appearance of age spots.

You can tackle these signs of aging with our Fade Away Serum, containing 7% Alpha Arbutin and designed to work fast!