Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

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The Importance of the Skin's Barrier and Natural Moisturizing Factor 

Our complexion has a natural moisture layer (NMF). The natural moisturizing factor supports this layer, or NMF, in the skin. NMF absorbs moisture from the environment, and ensures properly moisturized skin throughout the day.

However, our natural moisturizing factor is soluble in water, so applying water to your face dries it out instead of moisturizing it. Similarly, moisturizing after bathing or cleansing the body is extremely important.

Over the layer of skin containing the NMF, a lipid layer is designed to hold moisture in. But over time, this can break down. Thus, it is difficult for the skin to retain the moisture it needs.

The Science of NMF

Now that scientists understand how and why it holds onto moisture, adding the natural moisturizing factor to lotions and creams is possible. Applying creams will help carry the moisturizing component deep into the skin.

Plus, the NMF stores and releases hydration throughout the day.

Almost thirty percent of our facial moisture layer comprises this natural moisturizing factor, so it is vital to remain happy and healthy. It is the skin's first and last defense against dryness. If you are already experiencing dry skin, your NMF will likely be starved of the hydration it needs. This can be caused by using the wrong hydration regimen or simply because your complexion does not hold onto whatever moisture you apply.

Pronounced signs of aging occur when the face does not have enough NMF. Wrinkles, roughness, lines, and even a feeling of tightness are all more extreme. The face is also less able to function correctly, making this an undesirable situation. If the skin does not know how to hold to the moisture, adding more will not help.

Skincare Products with NMF

Instead, restore your NMF. Look for a product that contains an ample amount of Natural Moisturizing Factors. It can help rebuild the skin's natural layer when applied to the face. This will provide the skin's components to regenerate that layer.

Once inlcuded in a moisturizer, the skin has a chance to regnerate. This allows the body time to rebuild its protection without devoting resources to producing moisture for the skin.