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Calm and Hydrate With Oatmeal

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Oatmeal Skin Deep Beauty ProductScientific Name: {Avena sativa}
Common Name: {Avena sativa kernel meal, oat kernel meal, oatmeal}

Skin-calming oatmeal has been used for centuries as a way to both soothe aches and moisturize skin. It has been used since the Egyptians, perhaps even earlier, to maintain a beautiful face. Even in regions of the world that are historically arid and harsh on the skin.

Oatmeal is a warming, filling breakfast food. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and natural moisturizers, making it an essential ingredient for any skincare routine.

Oatmeal holds a special place in the heart of women who have chronically dry and irritated skin. However, oats contain unique lipid formation and calming components that soothe redness and correctly hydrate the skin, unlike any other ingredient.

Rashes caused by anything from allergies to poison ivy, has traditionally used oatmeal packs. So, naturally, cooling reduces itchiness and irritation.

It can calm and hydrate the entire body as a bath soak. However, if you do not have time for a bath, add oatmeal to an all-natural face mask and apply it to your face. As it is hydrating, it also cleans, pulling impurities out of your face and sloughing off dead skin cells as you wash it away.

More Benefits!

Oatmeal's shape and density make it a gentle exfoliator. Adding it to your cleanser makes it perfect for women who want to exfoliate their skin without causing the redness and irritation that harsh scrubs and chemicals can create.

You may have an unbalanced pH level if you have itchy or chronically dry skin. However, oatmeal's natural pH is similar to our complexion levels. So applying an oatmeal-containing product to your face can help eliminate that itchiness naturally.

Also, oatmeal contains different kinds of lipids. Once absorbed, moisture is attracted and retained. Lipids provide constant moisture to your skin all day. If you have wrinkled or sagging skin, applying a moisturizing oatmeal product will improve your complexion's tightness and fullness.

Just as oat attracts oils once absorbed into the skin, your face will be healthier with natural moisturization from these oils. This will leave your skin fresh and clean without any excessive oiliness. Try it as a dry shampoo! Find all-natural organic skin care products with oatmeal!

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