Shea Butter

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The Many Benefits of Shea Butter

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Shea Butter Cosmetic Ingredient Safety RatingScientific Name: {Butyrospermum parkii}
Common Name: {Shea butter, karite butter}

Shea nut butter or shea butter improves the skin's softness and resiliency.

There are records as far back as the Egyptians of individuals using shea butter to soften and improve skin color. Some writings suggest that Queen Nefertiti used shea butter to keep her skin looking young and beautiful.

organic fair-trade shea butter

Today, it comes from the shea tree, which is most common in Africa. Its nuts and restorative power make it highly prized.

These giant trees live for hundreds of years, producing a crop of nuts yearly, mainly harvested by the families' women who grow these trees. In Africa, shea butter is used both as a moisturizer and sunblock, protecting skin from the desert's extreme heat and the harsh effects of the wind.

It is also used in medicine to help cuts, soothe burns, and ease pain from bites and stings.

However, as an ingredient in one of our skincare products, shea butter plays a major role. Not only does it moisturize skin, but it also helps improve the overall look and health.

A Huge Moisturizer

In addition, it contains some vital vitamins—including Vitamin E and A, which work as antioxidants to protect skin from sun damage.

It can also heal the appearance of fine lines and scars and soften and plump the skin in these areas while delivering nutrients to allow the skin to rebuild itself.

Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin layers, carrying moisture to the lowest layer. Unfortunately, this is the skin layer most affected by harmful UV rays.

By nourishing your complexion with antioxidants and vitamins, it helps to improve brightness and overall appearance.

Shea butter can also stimulate collagen production, which means using it on wrinkled, thin skin will result in more resilient, younger-looking skin. It works in your cells to encourage collagen production, making and keeping skin looking young and fresh.

When buying a product with shea, look for "fairtrade" on the label. Fairtrade means that the community that produces the product will receive a "fair" wage to live.