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Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid in Beauty Products

Lactic acid is one of the oldest and most well-loved beauty ingredients in the world. For centuries, women have been utilizing the renewing, calming power of milk to improve their complexions. Every milk from every animal contains lactic acid, which is good for the babies that drink it and good for the women all over the world that want something that will both effectively moisturize the skin, as well as promote renewed skin tone and improved texture. Even Cleopatra would bathe in milk just to keep her skin hydrated and glowing. Considered to be one of the most beautiful women in history and there’s no arguing with the efficacy of lactic acid.

While you can find lactic acid in milk, it is also common in yogurt. Powdered Milk or Plain yogurt makes great homemade masks. yogurt for homemade facial masks


Few ingredients in the natural world are as moisturizing as lactic acid. This acid penetrates even the deepest layers of skin, carrying with it the moisture that the skin so desperately needs. Unlike other sources of moisture, the lactic acid does not just deposit hydration. Instead, it helps to train skin cells to hold on to their moisture.

One of the main causes behind both oily and dry skin is the skin’s inability to hold on to the moisture that it needs. This usually results in one of two conditions, the first being that the skin is always dry, as it has secreted all of its moisture. In the other condition, the skin is always too oily, as it can sense that it is not properly hydrated and compensates by producing far too much oil.


Lactic Acid is chocked-full of vital nutrients. Many times, the reason that scars do not go away is that the face lacks proper exfoliation. Over time, complexions do not slough off old cells as it once did as a child, this is when dull skin begins to appear. Lactic acid can aid the skin’s exfoliation process by providing natural enzymes that remove dead skin cell build-up. By applying it directly to the skin, the enzymes are delivered right where they are needed. Healthy skin will appear, and your skin will be glowing again.

If you have particularly sensitive skin or a known allergy to lactose, it is probably best to avoid lactic acid.
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