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Anti Aging Peptides

Create custom lotions and potions with our anti-aging peptide collection. Choose from the latest peptides that restore your youthful appearance and smooth out life's little imperfections.

Making serums and lotions is also an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to specific ingredients. We include Product instructions with each peptide.

Check out our website for free sample recipes on how to make a custom DIY anti-aging product! Use the peptide chart to find out which peptides will work best for any specific needs that you are targeting.

To learn more about making lotion and skincare, view our video at the bottom of the page! Use our chart to locate the peptides that are right for you. Then check out our free recipes at our formulary!

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What peptides should I choose?

Use the chart below to help decide which anti-aging peptides are perfect for your formula. Decide what your skincare goals are.

  • Are you showing the first signs of aging?
  • Do you need a collagen boost?
  • Do you need help with fine lines and wrinkles? What area of the face are wrinkles the most visible?
  • Is your skin thinner than it used to be?
  • Is your complexion uneven? Dull looking?
  • Have you lost a significant volume? What areas of the face are the most prominent?
  • Have you lost firmness and elastin? Have you noticed sagging cheeks or jowls?

Decide your goals. Then, choose the peptides you will need from the chart below. It is best to select one peptide from a category. At times it is useful to use more than one. For example, if you are creating a highly concentrated eye serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, then using Argireline and Snap 8 is appropriate.

Skin Perfection Peptides for Lotion Making

Tips for Choosing Effective Ingredients

  • Combine peptides to address all the needs of your skin. For example, if you want to reduce wrinkles, add in a collagen booster and a skin-tightening peptide. Not only are your targeting surface wrinkles, but firming and improving elasticity.
  • Are there other unique ingredients that you need in your serum to make it useful for your complexion? Antioxidants? Apple Stem Cells? Hydration?

For more information on peptides, see our key ingredients glossary.

Watch our video on "How to add a Serum Booster."

Why Should I Buy Anti-aging Peptides from Skin Perfection?

Here's the deal, there are many companies the sell cosmetic peptides. Unfortunately, many times, the ingredients come from China, and you have no idea what you are buying.

We also see many companies add water, fillers, additional preservatives, and other chemicals. So really, you are purchasing a bottle that contains 90% water! Rest assured, at Skin Perfection, we never add any additional ingredients to our Serum Boosters! They are 100% authentic, pure anti-aging ingredients.

Benefits of Peptides for Skin Care

The Benefits of Anti-Aging Peptides in 2019

Until recently, a peptide was far from a household word. Now, however, the effects of these anti-aging skincare product ingredients are becoming more and more revered as an efficient way to fight time’s relentless march over delicate skin.

What are peptides, and how can they help enhance your skin’s beauty and minimize the appearance of wrinkles?

Where It Starts
Visible effects of aging, such as a loss of plumpness to the skin, crow’s feet, expression lines, and sagging, have a variety of causes.

The number of birthdays one has celebrated indeed plays in role in these unflattering events. Many other factors play in as well. Genetics can affect how youthful (or not) a person’s skin appears. Lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, environmental pollution, and smoking are factors as well.

The layers of the skin contain a protein called collagen. Collagen is the substance that makes your complexion look and feel firm, supple, and youthful.

As the aging process begins, the effects of environmental and other signs of aging appear. Which can take a toll on skin, it becomes thinner, more wrinkled, and sometimes seems translucent and even saggy.

These effects are due to collagen breakdown, which – while inevitable to some extent – isn’t wholly irreversible.

Advances in Anti-Aging Treatments
While millions of people each year still opt to shell out hundreds of dollars a pop for painful injections that paralyze the facial muscles, others wish to avoid these invasive treatments. But we all want to gain the benefit of improved skin texture and less visible wrinkles.

It may seem like a pipe dream, but technological advances in-home beauty treatments have resulted in the best anti-aging skincare products available to date.

For those who aren’t interested in the risks of surgical injections, yet still want to maintain a youthful, vibrant appearance, peptides are the ideal anti-aging skincare product choice. But what are these mysterious substances, anyway?

Variations in Peptides
If you decide to make at-home anti-aging treatments as opposed to surgical injections or other pricey options, there are still choices to make. Peptides are not all created equal.

Most are formulated to perform one of two tasks in the war against aging. Either stimulate collagen production over a period or to act more quickly to relax muscles to minimize facial expression lines.

You will also find there are many companies in China making copycat peptides. Our peptides are the same used by all the major cosmetic companies.

collagen-boosting peptides: these are the kind such as those found in our DIY Matrixyl 3000. Designed for long-term usage and, over time, encourage the skin to produce more collagen, resulting in a plumper, firmer texture, as well as a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

Some people begin seeing results in just a few weeks. The important thing is that collagen-stimulating peptides be used consistently over weeks to months, build a cumulative effect. Stopping the use of this peptide will eventually lead to your complexion assuming its former condition.

Neuropeptides: these haven’t been around as long as the other peptides. However, they’ve soared in popularity. Because this is due to the mechanism which is somewhat similar to the way that Botox® works. Neuropeptides like those in our Argireline, actually work to interrupt the signals.

They control the facial muscles. These muscles are responsible for the problem areas of the face (such as forehead expression lines and crow’s feet). This action allows the muscles to remain relaxed, which in turn makes the skin appear more youthful than before.

The real beauty of these peptides is that you can incorporate them into your favorite beauty product. Fighting wrinkles doesn’t get much simpler!

Kari Thomas at Skin Perfection Natural and Organic Skincare

About Kari Thomas

Kari Thomas is a Graduate of Human Development (University of Washington) and has worked as an interim teacher of health and wellness, and physical education. She has tons of experience making skincare products and is the chief advisor at Skin Perfection. Along with her knowledgeable team of experts, including a board-certified Dermatologist, Esthetician, and Cosmetic Chemists, develop anti-aging formulas for beautiful looking skin.