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Beta Glucan, Oat Straw

Beta Glucan from Natural Sources

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Alternative name {Beta-glycan}
Common Sources {Seaweed, grains, mushrooms}

Beta Glucan is a natural and organic substance is found in plants of all kinds, including grains like Oat Straw. It can also be found in yeast and other bacteria—even seaweed. One of the best sources of beta-glucans is shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake is a fungus with a great delivery system for the health benefits of beta-glucan.

In cosmetic applications, it is used most commonly in brightening anti-aging products. It uses the same properties to boost the immune system internally as it promotes the appearance of healthy, youthful skin externally. Mainly, it stimulates the production of individual cells, which, as we age, our body stops making.

When an anti-aging serum with shiitake is applied to the face, it encourages this substance's production. Once the skin registers that this cell is again being produced, it responds by plumping skin cells, creating a less wrinkled appearance.

Shiitake Mushrooms naturally from beta glycanFor cosmetic applications, beta-glucan is usually synthesized from yeast or a grain like rye or oat. This is why oatmeal is such a popular additive for calming and moisturizing skin care products. For thousands of years, society has used oatmeal as a calming agent for dry, irritated skin and mend scrapes and shallow cuts.

Oatmeal is still utilized for the same purposes today, but now it is referred to as an "active ingredient." The beta-glucan contained in oatmeal has been isolated for use in other applications as well. On its own, beta-glucan can quickly absorb into the skin.

This is beneficial as it encourages the immune system with an energy boost and reduces inflammation. At the same time, it repels facial bacteria and minimizes pores. Plus, it increases the rate of cell turnover, getting rid of old, dead cells. New, youthful cells are revealed along with brighter, clearer, and more luminous faces.

While it can be used topically to improve the skin’s appearance with creams and lotions designed to fade spots, this makes it extremely useful for women who have endured acne and acne scars, scratches, or scars.

Over time, rough patches and uneven areas on the skin can appear from treatments or cystic pimples. Oat from beta-glucan stimulates the growth of new cells for younger-looking skin.

Plus, it stimulates cell regeneration, which increases cell turnover. The faster the rate, the more rapid new, healthy skin emerges. Discolorations fade away, and age spots become less noticeable.

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