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Bio-Fermentation in Firming Products

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Scientific Name: {Laminariales}
Common Name: {Kelp extract}

Keep your skin taut and firm with essential skin actives. Sea kelp bio-fermentation is a brown seaweed that some referred to as Bladderwrack. It nourishes your face with essential fatty acids.

Sea kelp is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet and packs a serious punch for skin benefits.

Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, its high levels of iodine, copper, selenium, and zinc, calm irritated complexions, boost brightness, and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with consistant use.

Skin Actives Sea Kelp Bio-fermentation

Sea Kelp has tonic properties. When used in a cleanser or facial mask, it can draw out impurities. These impurities cause acne, blemishes, and other discolorations on the skin's surface.

Applying kelp can expel these impurities and allow them to be washed away, leaving skin feeling both fresh and clean.

It can also tighten skin by shrinking pores and lifting and plumping with moisture during this process. This can be ideal for women who have sagging or drooping jowls.

Strengthen Your Face

Sea Kelp also provides one of the most significant skin benefits: moisture. However, for more mature-looking skin, you must adequately moisturize it.

Not only does it hydrate, but proper moisture is also necessary to regenerate skin cells.

The more your skin's cell turnover, the healthier your face appears and the better it functions. In addition, the moisture in sea kelp comes from amino acids, improving the moisture retention rate.

Along with many essential fatty acids, amino acids help rebuild elastin in the skin, which both degenerates and often disappears as we age.

Elastin helps our skin remain firm and taught in our older years, working to hold cells together and keep skin in the proper place.

By encouraging new elastin growth, your face will appear less droopy. In addition, with some beneficial proteins, sea kelp bio-fermentation helps rebuild many skin structures that break down as we age.

Sea Kelp can be applied topically as a mask but is used as a powder or extract in skincare products. You can also take a dietary supplement or sprinkle kelp powder onto your meals. It is an excellent addition to an anti-aging smoothie.

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