Olive Oil

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The Many Uses of Olive Oil

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Olive Oil Environmental Working Group IngredientScientific Name: {Olea europaea}
Common Name: {Olive fruit oil}

Topical Olive Oil for Cleansing

The concept of “oil” is often frightening, especially for those who get clogged pores when using oils. However, olive oil is nutrient-dense and, when applied topically, can have some excellent benefits. In fact, this oil functions as a moisturizer and delivery system.

This helps to lock in hydration. It also helps the absorption of other nutrients that it needs. Now is the time to change our thinking.

It is vastly different from the oil that our skin naturally secrets and from the oils that can clog pores or wreak havoc on our health.

What are some of the most beneficial properties?

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Like ibuprofen, this means that if you have inflamed or irritated skin, a topical application may be just what you need to wipe away that redness. How does it work? Olive oil contains a little miracle ingredient called oleocanthal. It actively fights the causes of inflammation. So if you have dry, itchy, or irritated skin, this is a great way to soothe those patches naturally.

Olive oil may be an effective sunscreen. Olives are naturally high in antioxidants and combat the effects of premature aging caused by sun exposure. Antioxidants protect the skin and give it time to regenerate. In addition, olive oil is excellent for healthy collagen, easily broken down by sun exposure.

Olive oil is a must-have for lips! If you have chronically chapped lips, it may be time to start applying it to the lips daily. While some lip balms are effective, olive oil can help restore a natural balance to thin lips. Even if you can’t find a lip balm that contains this oil, you can apply it with a finger.

Olive oil is beneficial for blemished faces. It moisturizes, so the face is balanced. It will help keep your face clean and moisturized and wash away the bacteria that interact with the oils of your face to clog pores. This is great for women with both irritated skin and acne who want to fight both with one product!