Under-eye bags

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How to Visibly Reduce Puffy Eyes & Bags

When under-eye bags are present, there is no doubt they make you look tired. One of the first signs of aging is looking tired. However, you can energize the eye area. Improving circulation and getting fluids moving under the eye can make a difference.

Under-eye bags and tired eyes | Reduce Puffiness with Cucumbers

Other natural ways include drinking water, using botanical extracts like ginseng, or even using caffeine.

Using an eye product with caffeine revives tired-looking eyes. It perks up the flow and helps get things moving.

Ginseng is an excellent alternative if you are sensitive to caffeine or prefer to stay away from caffeine. It has the same effect as caffeine but doesn't have any jittery side effects.

Place your anti-aging eye cream in the refrigerator to help tired-looking eyes wake up and look revived. Bagginess under the eye usually means that there is a lot of slack. One surefire way is to improve the elasticity and firm up with peptides. Another is to do a series of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments or microneedling.

Energize Tired Eyes

Look for products with these ingredients:

Puffiness Reducers:

  • Cucumbers
  • Caffeine
  • Eyeseryl
  • Regu-age
  • Ginseng (a natural alternative to caffeine)
  • Green or Black Tea

Remember, if you have puffiness from fluid retention, make sure to drink your water! At least 64 ounces a day. Plus, an 8 oz glass right before bed. This will help flush out any excess salt that has built up in your body. At night, sleep with your head just slightly elevated.

Anti-Aging Tip: Using cold skincare products or cucumbers on the eyes reduces puffiness and bags. Place a slice of raw cucumber on the eyes for 10 minutes. Your eyes will look and feel refreshed. You can also do the same thing with tea bags or eye creams, place them in the fridge, and use them cold.