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Scientific Name: {Panax}
Common Name: {Ginseng Root}

Ginseng has been a favorite of the skincare community for centuries. Though it finds its origins in the East, it is quickly making a name for itself in Western skincare. And as more and more women search for ingredients that will keep their faces healthy, happy, and looking beautiful, more and more women are discovering the power of ginseng.

Many of today's most effective natural remedies and are only now becoming accepted in the West. But, for centuries, the East, including Asia, has used ginseng for its energy-boosting and rejuvenating effects.

The same components make it ideal for lifting moods and aiding indigestion. Ginseng is a skin-energizer. It is an excellent caffeine-free alternative for those who do not want to use caffeine in their skincare. 

If you are a working woman (and really, aren’t we all?), you know what your skin looks like when you’ve only had four hours of sleep. It gets as stressed out as you feel, and blemished acne and wrinkles seem to pop up, just at the least opportune moment.

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on products that promise to rejuvenate your skin and restore the glow of youth, all the while allowing us to look well-rested and naturally beautiful. But, until ginseng came on the scene, no product could accomplish all of these tasks. Now, there is!

At its root, ginseng is related to caffeine. But, unlike caffeine, it also has many beneficial nutrients. This helps regenerate your complexion's appearance and keep it looking bright and luminous, no matter what punishment it goes through daily.

A moisturizer infused with ginseng can seriously decrease the rate and which wrinkles appear. It helps fade acne spots that we get even long after we’ve left puberty. Ginseng is a Caffeine-free Skin Energizer that improves circulation

Because it is related to caffeine, ginseng can invigorate the skin. That may sound like it makes it red and irritated, but in fact, it works to restore the youthful luminance we all once had. It improves circulation, bringing more blood to the skin, which, again, sounds like it will make the skin red but helps to carry away impurities and remove blemishes.

By upping circulation, the skin looks much healthier. The redness goes down; fewer acne spots appear, and wrinkles appear filled and lifted.

The ginseng used in health and beauty applications is the ginseng plant's root, which packs in the phytonutrients. These phytonutrients quickly penetrate the skin, delivering their health benefits straight to areas that need to be restored.

Ginseng promotes skin regeneration and even helps strengthen the support structures for cells to last longer and retain their moisture more efficiently.

Ginseng is also a powerful antioxidant with plenty of vitamins and minerals, detoxifying the skin from the top down. Antioxidants are a vital ingredient found in the world’s best plants to prevent free radicals from causing premature aging. So if you’re looking for a great, multipurpose ingredient, ginseng is it.

It also helps the skin push out toxins and dead skin cells, giving skin that dark and dull appearance. As it uncovers a new layer of skin, the entire face has a brightened appearance. Dead skin cells can often settle into lines and wrinkles, making them more pronounced than they are. Ginseng allows the entire face to look younger and feel smoother to the touch by removing these cells.

As our skin ages, it is less able to produce collagen. The layer of cells that keeps skin wrinkle-free and firm. The result is sagging, dry complexions. Ginseng encourages the skin to produce more collagen, which can firm and fill the look of hollowed, drooping areas.

By increasing circulation, ginseng can help to fade the look of discoloration on the face. As more blood flows through the skin, it can carry away toxins and impurities. It also works as a toner, drawing those same impurities out of the skin when they cannot be taken away by increased blood flow.

With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, ginseng rejuvenates complexions. It can mitigate the premature signs of aging that that loss causes. It removes free radicals and provides nutrients.

Because it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, women who suffer from rashes, eczema, and sensitive skin can use a product with ginseng to reduce redness and dry moisture patches. Unlike other products, which sometimes sit on top of the skin, leaving a greasy residue, ginseng absorbs fully, even into the lower layers, improving the look of these ailments from the surface down.

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