Natural Anti-Aging Remedies from Around the World

Natural anti-aging remedies have been used for centuries. Since before and after Juan Ponce de Leon's futile attempt at discovering the Fountain of Youth, humankind has always been searching for the best way to look and feel younger.

Some very creative ideas have been birthed in the search for the ultimate remedy to age, most of which have fallen short. While we certainly can't do anything about the arrow of time, we can do our best is combating natural aging effects that occur to our face and skin. There are some creative methods that we can certainly see when going around the world.

From the Far East to areas in Western Europe, every culture and country has its own way of avoiding the impending problems of older age and skin changes. Read more about natural anti-aging remedies practiced in other countries.
ginger root for firming, fine lines and wrinkles
Some of our favorites include:

  • China's Tea Solution- While we associate China with many things, green tea is also a pretty big staple in this country. If we're all already drinking it, why not slather a little on our faces to prevent the effects of aging. The Chinese will use a mixture of green tea powder and brewed white tea to create a face mask designed to fight wrinkles with a high antioxidant concentration.
  • India's Ginger Remedy- India is a vast country with diverse populations regarding culture, backgrounds, and religion. But like everyone else, they're also searching for an anti-aging remedy. Theirs comes in the form of shredded ginger and honey in hot water. Apply this lotion to your face for instant anti-aging results.
  • Mexico's Miracle Scrub- If you ever find yourself south of the border, look into this scrub to take some years off your face. Mixing sugar and lemon juice create a scrub that acts as a defoliant to remove dead skin. The lemon juice also contains alpha hydroxy acid, which is found in many modern anti-aging remedies.

    green grapes from vine, seed oil helps faces look youthful

  • France's Grape Seeds- Of course, France has found some awesome things to do with grapes, but did you know that they have applied it to anti-aging as well? Grape seed extract contains resveratrol; it can work to boost the levels of antioxidants in your blood and have also been known to protect the elastic and collagen in your skin. While eating whole grapes is probably out, the extract is sold in a convenient supplement.

If you have an at-home recipe that you've been perfecting or natural anti-aging remedies of your own, we'd love to hear about it! Contact us to learn more about natural anti-aging remedies today!

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