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Scientific Name: {Nelumbo nucifera flower extract}
Common Name:
{Sacred Lotus flower extract}

The Lotus Flower was used by ancient cultures. They believed that eating the petals of the Lotus would produce an overwhelming sense of well-being and wholeness. While we now know that this is not entirely accurate, we do know that the Lotus has some significant health benefits. These benefits target our largest organ and digestive health. The petals are a source of essential vitamins and minerals. Drinking a tea made from the petals has the same potency as taking a multivitamin.

Lotus flowers are high in protein, iron, Vitamin C, Linoleic Acid. They promote
  • restoration
  • fight inflammation
  • diminish some signs of aging
  • regulate the skin’s moisture
  • provide necessary antioxidants
If you are considering using Lotus in cosmetic applications, it can help restore areas to their previous beauty. It's many beneficial vitamins and minerals; it aids in the production of new, healthy cells. Its skin-calming benefits deliver those nutrients to the site of the irritation. Because it promotes regeneration of new skin cells, it allows older skin cells to be sloughed away, revealing a new layer of more radiant-looking complexion.

Along with this, the lotus is a natural anti-inflammatory. When prepared as a tea, it can improve ulcers and other stress-related conditions, throughout the intestinal tract. Used in cosmetics, it can fight redness, irritation, swelling, and help with clarity.

As we age, some of the connective structures and even the cells themselves, lose their elasticity. When this happens, they are more prone to premature aging. F and less able to retain their youthful appearance. Lotus can help to restore the look of healthy, elastic skin, by making connective tissue and cell walls stronger and more pliable.

Aiding in circulation, applying lotus to the face can help even the look of dark marks, from acne, from age, and even freckles. It is especially potent when lightening the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Increased blood flow helps to flush away toxins and other particles that become deposited in the skin and that makes it look uneven and discolored. Better blood flow also means better cell growth, as the tissues of the skin are supplied with the oxygen and other nutrients they need for respiration and multiplication.

The natural antioxidants in the lotus’s root, leaves, and petals can stop the signs of aging in their tracks. By soothing and hydrating the skin, it is naturally more resilient to the signs of aging. These signs can cause the face to look older. Restore your natural beauty with the benefits of the Lotus plant.
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