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Hydrate with Facial Oils

Hydrate with Facial Oils

Facial Oils

Is your skin looking thirsty? As the weather begins to cool, the skin starts to get dry. If your face is already prone to dryness, you already know how rough these months can be. Consider trying a facial beauty oil. Many people are intimidated by the word oil. Why would you want to add oil to your skin? Isn't oil terrible for your skin? Doesn't it clog pores? Doesn't it cause acne? While these seem like genuine concerns, there is no need to worry.

Facial oils are light and hydrating. They absorb quickly, so they don't leave your skin looking shiny or greasy. Instead, they give your skin a beautiful, smooth, hydrated glow. With just a few drops, your complexion will be transformed. You don't have to worry about break-outs; facial oils are light enough to don't clog pores or leave your skin feeling oily; they provide deep moisture to any skin type, dry, combination oily.

Facial oils are also incredibly nourishing. They penetrate the skin with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to replenish and hydrate the skin. This helps your skin look brighter and more radiant than ever. Some facial oils are formulated to help brighten your complexion and remove discolorations, like age spots, on the skin. Oils can even help with aging skin. By keeping your skin well hydrated, they can diminish the look of lines and wrinkles.

Types of Oils

Moisture and hydrations

At Skin Perfection, we carry three beauty oils: Moroccan Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Rose Hip Seed Oil. All three of these oils do an excellent job of giving your skin the moisture it needs. Moroccan Argan Oil provides your skin with essential nutrients as it hydrates, and it is perfect for mature skin. It can even help calm and soothe redness and rosacea. Tamanu Oil is ideal for all skin types, especially those who are acne-prone. It is a very light-weight oil that soothes reddened complexions and helps fade the look of old acne marks. Rose Hip Seed Oil is another fantastic oil that helps to improve the skin's tone and texture. It brightens dull skin and discolorations for a glowing complexion. These oils are all-natural and work to keep your skin looking incredible.

Using Oils

Facial oils can be utilized alone, in place of a moisturizer, or in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer. Apply a few drops to the skin and then follow with a moisturizer to ensure your skin's ultimate hydration. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or in between, you can benefit from adding one of these fantastic facial oils into your skincare routine. Prepare for the dry months ahead and get your skin the hydration it needs!

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