• The difference Between Water-based and Oil-based Serums

    Oil-Based vs. Water-Based Serums: What's Best for Your Skin?

    What is the difference between Oil-Based and Water-Based Serums Hello, beautiful souls! Today, we're diving into the wonderful world of serums. Think of serums as magical potions that make your skin feel amazing. But, there's a little secret: there are two types of serums - oil-based and water-based.
  • Hydrator VS Serum

    What is the Difference Between Hydrators and Serums?

    Hydrator is a gel that provides moisture. A Serum is a product that uses highly concentrated anti-aging peptides and other ingredients help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm, or reduce discolorations.

  • Great Natural Ingredients for Skin

    What's in Your Skin Products? - Look for Great Ingredients!

    Many of the great ingredients for skincare are also things that are eaten. Here are some of the natural ingredients that make efficient skin products with great ingredients.
  • Must-Have Anti-Aging Ingredients for 2022

    3 Must-Have Anti-Aging Ingredients

    With the cold weather season and a new year just around the corner, it's time to fortify your skincare routine with the 3 must-have anti-aging ingredients for 2024. Plus, these most popular, powerhouse peptides are preventative ingredients that help maintain a youthful appearance all winter long.
  • 5 Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

    The 5 Best Anti-Aging Ingredients for Great Skin Care Products

    As we age, we must keep our skin looking youthful! There are so many anti-aging products out there. Look for these products to look for to be sure you are getting the best anti-aging skincare.
  • Matrixyl vs Hyaluronic Acid

    Look Younger with Matrixyl 3000 and Hyaluronic Acid

    Do you want to look and feel as young as possible, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines crisscrossing your face? Then look for products that contain Matrixyl 3000 and Hyaluronic Acid.

  • Treat Crow's Feet with Argireline

    Dr. Oz, Look Younger with Argireline, Crow's Feet and Botox

    Dr. Oz is a cultural phenomenon. We know that anything he recommends is going to work just as it says it will. Here is his take on some of the most popular anti-aging ingredients and recipes.
  • Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging Peptides

    Anti-Aging Peptides for Skin

    Trying to find a single product that meets all of your skincare and peptide needs can prove challenging. With these boosters, you can transform any product into your perfect, unique peptide solution.
  • Antioxidants from the Antarctic

    Anti Aging Ingredient Spotlight: Astaxanthin

    Astaxanthin is a Micro-Algae, Haematococcus Pluvialis, that naturally occurs in marine crustaceans and salmon. Haematococcus Pluvialis is more powerful and beneficial to our skin than Krill or Arctic Shrimp. 
  • Essential Skin Care Ingredients

    3 Important Skin Care Ingredients

    There are natural products on the market for not only cleaning your skin but moisturize and deal with skin problems. Let's take a look at 3 Important Skin Care Ingredients for your cosmetic products.


  • Firming Seaweed with Homeostatine

    Wrinkles? Seaweed, Homeostatine and Smooth Skin

    If you need to tighten and firm, Homeostatine is a new cosmetic ingredient that gives your skin a lift.
  • Top 10 Anti-Aging Serum Boosters

    Top 10 Anti-Aging Serum Boosters to Add to Your Daily Routine

    Here is our list of the top 10 anti-aging serum boosters! These boosters were chosen based on our best-selling actives, customer satisfaction, and ease of use. Come and check out which anti-aging ingredients made our favorites list!
  • Copper Peptide Benefits for Mature Skin

    The Benefit of Copper Peptides on your Skin

    Copper Peptide is an ingredient in anti-aging skincare that was discovered over 30 years ago. It contains three amino acids, thus making it a tripeptide. While it is not new to the industry, it is still one of the greatest go-to ingredients for anti-aging skincare.

  • Syn-Ake Wrinkle Smoother

    Syn Ake Peptide Smooths Deep-set Wrinkles

    It targets intramuscular activity, which results in smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties that have proven very successful in clinical studies. 
  • Snap 8 Effective Way to Relax Facial Muscles

    SNAP 8, Improved Argireline to Relax Facial Muscles

    Snap 8 reduces the severity of wrinkles on your face caused by the repeat contraction of muscles. The crow's feet and tiny little lines on the forehead are usually caused by squinting or other facial expressions.
  • Making Sense of Anti-Aging Ingredients

    Making Sense of Anti-Aging Ingredients

    A few ingredients are common to some of the best anti-aging skincare products out there, and with good reason – because they produce results. Following are some of the most effective ingredients found in most anti-aging creams, gels, and serums.
  • Natural Beauty Ingredients for Homemade DIY Skincare

    8 Top Natural Beauty Ingredients for Homemade DIY Skincare Recipes

    Many people have turned away from traditional skincare and opt to make their own products. This is a perfect way of knowing what goes into their products and putting on their skin. Here is a good list of the ingredients that you may want to start stocking upon.