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Natural Beauty Ingredients for Homemade DIY Skincare

8 Top Natural Beauty Ingredients for Homemade DIY Skincare Recipes

Many of the beauty products that you use every day contain possibly harmful chemical ingredients. The beauty product industry isn't regulated in the same way that the food or drug industry is. That can lead to products that haven't been tested for safe use in humans.

natural beauty ingredients

While there are organic options out there, many people have turned away from traditional skincare and opt to make their own products. This is a perfect way of knowing what goes into their products and putting on their skin.

The common ingredients used in DIY products are easy to find, and they can be bought in bulk if you are interested in making the switch to all-natural products that you can make at home. Here is a good list of the ingredients that you may want to start stocking upon.

Naturally Abundant Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is a natural compound that is already found in your body. It is prevalent in the fluid of the joints and the eyes. The Hyaluronic Acid that can be purchased is generally extracted from rooster combs or made in a laboratory using bacteria.

You can get Hyaluronic Acid in your diet if you eat the right types of foods. However, if you want to create topical products with this ingredient, you may need to get a prescription in some cases. However, there are powder versions available without a prescription. Most of the powders can be turned into serum with the addition of water.

Hyaluronic Acid is good for making anti-aging products that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles by amping up the collagen production in your skin.

Calming Aloe

Aloe comes from the Aloe Vera plant, which is a popular variety of succulent. It is an evergreen plant that originally came from the Arabian Peninsula, but it grows well in any tropical climates, so it has been cultivated worldwide. The aloe vera gel that the plant produces is clear and has a jelly-like consistency.

It is a versatile ingredient to add to your beauty routine, and in many cases, you can use it as is without adding any other ingredients. Some of the major types of products it is used in are makeup removers, facial masks, brow gels, acne fighters, exfoliating scrubs, and moisturizer.

Aloe is also a great salve to apply to burns, stings, or bug bites. It soothes the skin's irritation. Another interesting way to use aloe is for shaving. If you have a pure aloe vera gel that does not contain any alcohol content, it can give you a silky-smooth shave.

Shea Butter

A prevalent ingredient in natural beauty products, Shea Butter, is an ivory-colored fat extracted from the African Shea Nut tree. It has a very mild nutty scent, and it can be used in many beauty product applications.

Due to the anti-aging effects and the natural anti-bacterial properties, Shea Butter will be indispensable in your DIY supplies. Many people use it to help with stretch marks or healing wounds. It also has a natural SPF of about 5, making it an excellent choice as a daily sunscreen.

You will find that there are plenty of beauty product recipes that will call for Shea Butter. It is a key ingredient in lotions, deodorants, baby diaper cream, and facial moisturizers.

Coconut Oil

This particular ingredient is extracted from the meaty part of mature coconuts. It is high in saturated fat, and it is slow to oxidize. You may already have some in your cabinet that you use to cook with, as many recipes call for its use.

Coconut oil can be found in your local grocery store in most cases, but if you do a quick internet search, you will find that it can even be purchased in five-gallon buckets! That will make a ton of beauty supplies. Now not all coconut oils are the same, and they may have different variations of smell and taste. You will likely want to try a few different ones until you find the coconut oil you prefer.

This one simple ingredient can be used in a lot of your DIY beauty products. It is a key part of lotions, sugar scrubs, hair masks, lip balms, bath bombs, bar soap, toothpaste, body butter, and detangle sprays.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin, sometimes called glycerol or glycerine, is usually made from coconut, soybean, or palm oil. It is an odorless, clear liquid that has a slightly sweet taste. Because it is rich in fats and odorless, it is used in many different beauty supplies and a food and drug additive.

In beauty products, vegetable glycerin can be used in many different ways, including as a moisturizer, face wash, toner, acne treatment, and as a treatment for skin rashes.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have recently become a massive part of the beauty and wellness industry as more and more people come to realize the fantastic attributes of these products. A hydrophobic liquid extracted from plants, Essential Oils, comes in various scents and properties. 

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These scented oils can be found in organic and pure varieties that make for an excellent addition to your beauty products. They add natural scents that can have mood-altering effects such as energizing or calming. Popular scents in beauty products include mint, lemon, sandalwood, lavender, and orange.


A sweet and viscous substance produced by bees, honey is used for many purposes. It is a key ingredient in many recipes, including BBQ sauces, baked goods, and cereals. It can also be fermented into a beverage called mead. People add it to their cups of tea, and it can be used as a natural sweetener in many other recipes.

The uses of honey are just as wide in the skincare department. It has many natural properties that make it a key ingredient, including natural antimicrobial properties. You can find honey used as an ingredient in masks, acne-fighting products, scrubs, cleansers, and moisturizers.

While these may be the main ingredients used in your DIY skincare products, they are not the only ones you may want to use. There are plenty of recipes for lotions, cleansers, and more that use ingredients such as clay, herbs, sugar, baking soda, salt, and zinc oxide. As you explore the world of DIY beauty products, you will see just how wide and varied the natural ingredients can be.