Dr. Oz, Look Younger with Argireline, Crow's Feet and Botox

Dr. Oz Recommends

Dr. Oz is a cultural phenomenon. With his television show, he has the final word on what's good for our bodies and what's not. We know that anything he recommends is going to work just as it says it will. Here is his take on some of the most popular anti-aging ingredients and recipes.

Looking Younger with Argireline

Do you look older than you are? Older than you feel? There are no reasons to turn to extreme measures like Botox. Dr. Oz gave America a challenge, asking viewers to guess how old a woman was, just by looking at her.

A volunteer, whose name we won't mention, had her face plastered all over the country. Guesses of her age poured into the show. Estimates ranged from 50 to 60. So, did she look younger or older than her actual age? When she returned to Dr. Oz, she revealed that she was 44 years old. On average, people had guessed that she was 53. She looked nine years older than she was!

When Dr. Oz asked what she thought her "oldest" features were, she said her eyes bothered her the most. Instead of Botox, he recommended an Argireline cream, which has similar effects, without an injection. He recommended a 5%-10% concentration to be applied every morning and night.

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Antioxidants in Tea can Reduce the Look of Dark Circles.

Look Younger with Argireline

Parsley tea is chalked-full of antioxidants, but if you don't like to drink tea, Dr. Oz has a solution! You can brew the tea, pour it into your ice tray, let it freeze, and then use a tea-cube under your eyes to reduce bags and dark circles.

Retinol Creams diminish the signs of aging.

If you have a saggy neck or jowls, those tell-tale signs of aging, use a retinoid cream. These help to build collagen under the skin. Using this cream once a week on sagging skin can firm and tighten it.

Tomato Exfoliating Mask

This is a simple Dr. Oz recipe for a mask you can make right at home from ingredients you already have! Tomato is high in lycopene; it has a high nutritional value and is perfect for your complexion. If you have dull skin, this is the mask for you. Use:
  • 1 Large Tomato
  • 2 Teaspoons of Sea Salt
  • ½ Teaspoon of Raw Honey

Mix and mash everything together and spread it onto your face. Wash it off after five minutes. The salt will remove dead skin cells, and the tomato will moisturize and tighten skin.