Wrinkles? Seaweed, Homeostatine and Smooth Skin

If you need to tighten and firm, Homeostatine is a new cosmetic ingredient that marine seaweedgives your skin a lift. Return your skin's elasticity to its original place and no more wrinkles, please! Can't afford to have facelifts or special treatments? Homeostatine is a red marine seaweed that improves the skin's elasticity and tightens sagging areas such as jowls and the neckline, improving the appearance of skin wrinkles. Many of our anti-aging products use Homeostatine to help you look younger. We also carry a DIY Homeostatine Serum Booster that you can add to your skincare serum, moisturizer, body lotion, or cream to help firm your complexion.

What is Homeostatine?

Homeostatine is an active complex of two natural botanical ingredients: one is extracted from an Andean Tree, Caesalpinia Spinosa, a polysaccharide fraction (galactomannans), and the other from a Marine Seaweed, Enteromorpha Compressa. Through an innovative process, it was designed to help prevent and diminish skin wrinkles.

How Homeostatine Works

Who wants to talk about wrinkles, right!?! To fully understand how Homeostatine works, we must first understand more about these dreaded things called wrinkles. There are many intrinsic aging and external factors involved in forming wrinkles, such as natural aging of the skin, photo-aging, and repeated facial movements (i.e., expression lines). All of these factors share a physiological cause that alters homeostasis and results in a rapid imbalance called perturbations in the homeostasis of the dermal extracellular matrix (i.e., wrinkles). Homeostatine aims to maintain the extracellular matrix's homeostasis by balancing between synthesis and degeneration of extracellular matrix components (EMC). These are the ingredients that help to keep the skin moisturized, firm, full of elasticity, and the look of fine lines at bay.

About the Author
Article Written by Kari Thomas