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The Number One Under-Eye Treatment Ingredient

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Scientific Name: {Cucumis sativus}
Common Name: {Cucumber extract, Cucumber fruit extract}

Not only is cucumber a tasty addition to any salad, but it also has some calming effects that are incredibly beneficial for the skin and the digestive system. Just place fresh slices over your eyes and relax.

“Cool as a cucumber” is not just a saying; it cools and calms the skin. In addition, they contain antioxidants and silica, which help to reveal a fresher complexion.

How to get rid of under-eye puffiness and fade dark circles

You can cut up a cucumber and place the slices over your eyes to fight dark circles and puffiness, or look for an eye cream that contains it. So simple. In addition, the B vitamins in cucumbers energize the skin, improving circulation. Further, it helps to flush away the particles deposited under the eyes.

For the Face

Cucumbers are more than 95% water and can hydrate and regulate the skin’s hydration throughout the day. Additionally, they help wash away impurities and fight free radicals with Vitamin C and lignans, known as cancer fighters.

Cucumber is also a natural bacteria fighter, so while it hydrates even into the lower layers of skin, it also kills off the bacteria that causes acne. This, combined with its ability to regulate sebum production, will produce fewer blemishes.

Other health benefits include nutrient-dense:

  • folate
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • calcium

They all promote firm, healthy complexions, making them more elastic and younger-looking. Further, as the skin cells become more resilient and flexible, they have longer, healthier lives and can hold moisture better.

cucumber slices for under-eye area

This leaves the skin looking plump and fresh. So even if you don’t like the clean taste of cucumbers, they can be highly effective for promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin in cosmetic applications.

Most Common Uses

Aside from hydrating the face and getting rid of under-eye puffiness, and helping to fade under-eye circles, cucumbers can help break up and even out discoloration of all kinds of faces. In addition, a product containing cucumber can help even freckles, fade dark spots, and soften scars, making the complexion look even clearer.

Cucumber is a great way to ease the burning sensation if you have a sunburn or a different kind of burn. Because of its antioxidants, cucumber can penetrate deep into the skin. In addition, the antioxidants in this veggie help fight those free radicals before they can cause accelerated aging.

Cucumber Eye Refresher Recipe

  • 2 Slices Cold Cucumber

Place two small cut circles over the eyes for 10 minutes. Let the antioxidants refresh and renew the delicate area.

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