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Volume Loss and Collagen

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Syn Coll Peptide Ingredient RankingScientific Name: {Tripeptide}
Common Name: {Syn-Coll or Syn Coll}

Syn-Coll is an anti-aging ingredient used in cosmetics and skincare. It's a tripeptide, a strand of three amino acids. Hands down, it is the best peptide available to support healthy collagen.

Syn Coll - Tripeptide 5 - Collagen Booster

In clinical studies, it has shown even better results than Matrixyl formulations for its collagen-boosting ability.

The most significant cause of aging is the loss of collagen as we age.

But, unfortunately, there comes a point in our lives when we don't produce enough healthy collagen.

We see volume loss, creases, and labial folds along the mouth. Collagen can also become cross-linked; our once healthy and pliable skin becomes unhealthy and wrinkled.

Aging depends on sun exposure, diet, and family history. It combines peptides that fight wrinkles and diminish their look, especially around the eyes and other fine lines and wrinkles. Some women begin to see these wrinkles in their mid-twenties.

Younger and mature women alike do not find these wrinkles pleasing. As a result, they often begin looking for ways to improve and fill their look as soon as they appear.

Boosting Collagen with Peptides

It's popular with major cosmetic companies like Peter Thomas Roth because of its beneficial facial effects for a younger-looking complexion.

Syn-Coll is a mixture of many different peptides and a powerful moisturizer, which when combined, provides several anti-aging benefits. In addition, the natural amino acids work deep into the skin to boost collagen production.

As we age, the face becomes less able to produce collagen. As a result, we need to keep our skin looking and feeling plump and full. When collagen deposits deplete, the face begins to wrinkle and sag into hollow places, especially around the eyes, under the cheeks, and around the chin and neck.

Wrinkles usually first appear around the eyes, and when collagen around the jaw is broken down, the entire face looks dull and aged.

Tripeptide 3 Collagen Booster

Syn Coll's unique blend of peptides supports collagen production with nutrients where the face needs it most. You can apply it all over the face and neck. Collagen in these areas can begin to be restored. The youthful look of skin can be plumped and filled.

Not being adequately hydrated significantly contributes to the signs of aging. When the skin has proper hydration, the face's cells are full and plump, making the entire face look firm. Conversely, when the skin lacks adequate hydration, it is dry and gray and lacks the firmness typical of youthful skin.

This, along with the collagen booster, helps to restore the skin's natural support structure.

Improve Skin Tone with Exfoliation

Some women have even found that the visibility of stretch marks and scars has been reduced because this ingredient encourages new, healthier cells.

Adding microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and peels can be very beneficial if you suffer from old marks.

  • Microdermabrasion sloughs off the top layer of skin. A series of treatments can reveal radiance and smoother skin. It's also a must-have spa procedure if you have large pores. There is minimal downtime.
  • Lasers work in the dermis to encourage cell turnover. However, they are expensive and usually need multiple treatments. Downtime can range from 1-3 weeks or more. Some lasers don't show results for six months.
  • Peels also target removing the top layer of skin. They "peel" away the top layers for a healthier skin tone. There are many great peels available on the market today. Some are combinations of multiple acids. Others can be milder than others. The downside to peels is flakiness. If you flake, choose a different peel. For example, instead of glycolic acid, try lactic acid. You can also try a daily 10% concentration of glycolic acid instead of a 50% peel.

Studies have shown that women who use Syn-Coll for three months significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, women report that it quickly improves the appearance of vertical lines. (Especially those around the corners of the mouth.)

Areas that have become lumpy can also benefit from accelerated collagen. All of these benefits are provided in a safe-to-use and effective peptide formulation. Get yours today!


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