Syn Ake a Peptide for Wrinkle Smoothing

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Scientific Name: {Di-peptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzyl-amide Di-acetate}
Common Name: {Syn-Ake}

While some anti-aging ingredients only relax wrinkles or tighten skin, Syn-Ake does both. The main complaint many people have with peptides that only relax wrinkles, they don't tighten areas as well. This is not a problem with Syn-Ake wrinkle smoother peptides. As it not only works on lines caused by facial contractions (you know those frown lines in between the brows) but also provides a smoothing, firming lift.

This peptide is based on the Temple Viper’s venom. While it sounds poisonous and dangerous to use, it's not. It's a peptide (protein) with some amazing benefits. It is not a common thing to think of venom regarding skincare, but it does have some great benefits. Venom paralyzes muscles, in turn, smooths them out, so they don't contract. Over time, our facial muscles begin to "remember" their place. The muscles contract time after time. When this happens, the muscle is tight and starts to create a crease which eventually leads to a making a wrinkle. Syn-Ake relaxes the muscles and helps it to forget it's placed and then firms up the area, creating a smoother, UN-wrinkled area. It's highly effective when used in a 5% concentration, and with continued, it has the best cumulative effects. You will love the change you see as your face begins to return to its rightful place. With some anti-aging ingredients that provide instantaneous results, and then the cream must be used to maintain those results, Syn-Ake provides instant gratification, and then those results are stacked upon with continued use.

As the skin ages, most women begin to see both wrinkles, as a result of muscle contractions under the skin, and sagging skin. Repeated use of muscles under the skin creates wrinkles on the surface of the skin. Over time, those muscles become contracted perpetually, and the wrinkles, as well become permanent. At the same time, the skin loses its inherent elasticity and women begin to see the drooping skin around the eyes and especially around the chin and neck. In the past, only one of these problems could be solved with a single ingredient. Now, they both can be solved with a product containing Syn-Ake.

Syn-Ake Wrinkle Smoothing Peptide

It both tightens the look of skin and helps to reduce the muscle contractions that cause crow’s feet, parentheses around the mouth, and forehead lines. Working to inhibit the transmission of impulses that cause those muscles to tense up, it begins to smooth and relax the look of those wrinkles. Normally, this would just cause there to be more skin to sag away from the face. However, this special peptide also encourages skin to produce more elastin and collagen, with tightens, lifts, and plumps the look of skin.

Studies have shown that using Syn-Ake for four weeks; twice a day can smooth the look of wrinkles by more than 50%. This effective peptide has been tested thoroughly, and compared to measures like Botox; it can provide similar results without even having to get an injection. Many women have begun using a Syn-Ake infused product instead of resorting to Botox, as it is safer, effective, and eliminates the need for needles.

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