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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends

Top 10 Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Girlfriends

It isn’t quite that time yet, but you like to shop ahead of the Christmas rush if you are like many of us. After all, is it a lot of fun seeking the perfect gifts for your family and “besties” while crowds shove, nudge and surround you? If the idea of a day at the mall or some hours spent online when you could be baking, socializing, and enjoying the season more pleasantly does not appeal, we’ve got you covered. At least, we’ve got you covered where your girlfriends are concerned!

10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for your Favorite Ladies

Top 10 Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Girlfriends

Most will let them enjoy a bit of at-home pampering and beauty-boosting. Best of all, each of these items is natural, organic, cruelty-free, and packed in easy to recycle containers!

  • Body Scrubs

Give the gift of soft, supple, and beautiful skin from head to toe with one of these delightfully fragrant body scrubs. When used as directed, the natural exfoliating ingredients gently buff away dull and dead skin cells while botanicals soak into the skin and leave it hydrated and nourished.

Create a holiday scented experience for your friends with the Lavender Shortbread Cookie Sugar Scrub, or let them luxuriate in the intense moisturizing of the Pomegranate and Cassis Sugar Scrub.

100% organic, this remarkable product uses walnut shells to remove the dull and dead skin from the surface and reveal the healthiest skin beneath. It also helps nourish the skin with its aloe, honey, and calendula. Whether used for the face or the body, it generates great results and keeps skin in its best condition.

  • Bath Soaks

What conveys your affection for your friends more than a desire to give them the one thing a few of them have – a little bit of time to themselves. How better to do just that than to give them a reason to soak in a tub full of luxurious botanicals.

Let them soak away all of the stresses and strains of life with the delicate aromas and soothing ingredients in options like the Orange Cranberry Salt Bath Soak full of cocoa butter and the reviving scent of orange. Turn their bath time into a spa-like treat with the Honey Milk Bath Soak or the profoundly moisturizing and natural exfoliating properties of the Milk Bath Soak.

Whether you give them this fantastic lotion on its own or alongside some bath and body treats, it is sure to delight. It is packed with an astonishing number of beneficial ingredients and remains paraben, BPA, and cruelty-free! It is a wonderful, gentle exfoliant with its lactic acid, yet its safflower oil and shea butter ensure optimal moisturization.

It also features a unique Pepha Tight that ensures that even the most challenging areas, like knees and elbows, are soft, supple, and healthy. This ingredient is also what gives the lotion its firming powers.

Few people dislike lavender's scent, which is why it is such a key component in aromatherapy. This body butter works alongside natural shea nut butter to offer intense hydration. Mango Butter for a smooth finish and witch hazel that clarifies the pores and leaves them tighter and more youthful in appearance.

Also paraben, PBA, and cruelty-free, it pairs beautifully with the Lavender Shortbread Cookie Sugar Scrub.


Anti-aging is another way of saying antioxidant, hydrating, and rejuvenating. That is exactly what this amazing product offers, and it uses eight different peptides to get the job done.

With results seen in as little as one week, it plumps, tones, and lifts the skin while also adjusting it. Whether your friends have those early signs of aging, well-developed lines, or entirely youthful skin, this collection of key ingredients is going to make their skin look and feel better than ever.

Most of us have periodic complaints about the area around our eyes. They can be puffy or show dark shadows for many different reasons. Usually, it takes different products to make a difference, but this organic gel has been designed to soothe and refresh the delicate skin around the eye.

It features sunflower and safflower oils, arnica to energize, and cucumber to soothe; this is a wonderful product to tuck into a bag and keep on hand at all times.

  • Masks

An excellent way to give your girlfriends an at-home spa experience is to provide specialty skin masks. Pair them with a bath soak or body scrub, and they can get head-to-toe skin renewal, rejuvenation, and improvement. Options like the Chirally Correct Seven Seas Mask will help to lift and improve elasticity. The Clear Skin Anti-Aging Mask balances oils while leaving the skin in top condition. The Enzyme Mask with Papaya and Pineapple works wonders for exfoliating even sensitive skin and leaves the complexion bright, balanced, and toned.

  • Lip Balms

There is no one among your girlfriends who will fail to appreciate a lip balm. This is particularly true if it is an organic balm that provides only the most natural and healthy ingredients.

The Vanilla Bean lip balm promises a delicate and appealing scent and lips that are kissable and smooth at all times. The Organic Fresh Mint Lip Balm is fresh scented and protects the lips with its natural oils. You can even stock up for yourself and buy a set of five as the perfect holiday surprise.

  • Sunscreen SPF 30

Remind girlfriends that they need to use sunscreen all year long – even indoors during the winter months. UVA and UVB rays can do lots of harm to the surface and also the deeper layers of the skin. An SPF 30 or more is what they need to remain safe.

This remarkable product prevents the photo-damage that sun exposure can cause and keeps skin hydrated and looking as great as it feels all year long!

Show your girlfriends how much you care with these thoughtful and useful skincare and bath products. Organic and safe, they can be given individually or combined as the ultimate spa-like experience!