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GABA - gamma aminobutyric acid

Natural Facial Wrinkle Relaxer

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Scientific Name:{Gamma aminobutyric acid}
Common Name: {GABA}

is one of the body’s most essential amino acids. Amino acids, in all their forms, act as building blocks for other cells. Sometimes, as in the case of GABA as neurotransmitters or blockers. GABA is specially produced in the brain to alleviate the symptoms of depression and even mitigate a seizure's likelihood.

In cosmetics, it is used to work underneath the skin. In muscles of the face, to ease their contractions and smooth muscles on the surface of the skin. The same properties it uses to inhibit neural relay in the brain. It applies to affect the ability of muscles to move, creating a Botox-like effect without an injection. (You have probably heard of Wrinkle Freeze or Freeze 24/7; the main ingredient is GABA.)

Having only been recently recognized for its ability to relax muscles, it is now often added to tea to provide a body-wide relaxation reaction. In the East, it is being added to a myriad of foods and drinks. Most still prefer to use it topically to relax tense muscles from the surface downward. It is widely used in skincare and beauty products as it is a natural wrinkle relaxer.

GABA is just one of many amino acids that this effect. It is said to mimic Botox and is an excellent alternative for women who do not want to undergo such extreme measures quite yet. We have muscles in the face, especially around the eyes, forehead, and mouth, which, through use, become permanently contracted. These contractions, over time, start to cause wrinkles in the skin.

Crow’s feet around the corners of the eyes, parentheses around the mouth, and worry lines on the forehead are all results of these tensed muscles.

Many women turn to Botox, which uses a substance similar to the bacteria that cause food poisoning to counteract this to paralyze these muscles temporarily. In turn, as these muscles relax, the skin above them begins to relax, and the look of these fine lines and wrinkles are significantly diminished.

GABA produces these same results; no needle is required. By relaxing the skin and the muscles, the entire face looks younger, as these muscle-contraction lines are usually the first and most telling signs of age.

Because it is an amino acid, it also provides vital nutrients to the skin, accelerating cell turnover, and rebuilding support structures. Unlike Botox and other topical anti-aging ingredients, it fights rather than causes inflammation. Nourishing irritated skin with a skin-calming topical will help even out discoloration, redness and shrink large pores' appearance.

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