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Green Living, Making Smart Choices for Living Healthy

Green Living

My family and I have made a conscious effort to live green and avoid as many chemicals as possible. Every day, chemicals and toxins bombard us. They are found in our environment and are in the products we use. We try to eat natural, healthy foods and avoid prepackaged foods.

We shop the local farmers market for fresh organically grown produce, cook homemade, wholesome dinners nightly, drink organic milk, and eat free-range eggs. I use non-toxic cleaners. Some I even make myself. We have also thrown

out our plastic containers and switched to stainless steel water bottles and glass bowls.

As I was reading the paper this morning, I turned to Dr. Oz Column and saw an article about BPA. I know about BPA, Bisphenol A, (You know, the chemical that has been taken out of many water bottles and plastic items). It is a chemical I have chosen to avoid because studies have shown that it is a hormone disruptor. It can also cause girls into puberty early.

Studies have also linked BPA to cancer and obesity. We already switched from plastic, but this article wasn't about plastic bottles as I began reading further. It was about the BPA found in receipts. Yep, your everyday grocery and shopping receipts. I was surprised That receipts contain a hormone disruptor and a very high level (much more significant than plastic water bottles.)

Who would have thought that paper could contain BPA? It turns out that the thermal paper roof is coated with the chemical, and as the thermal ink is heated and transferred, the BPA is released. After doing some research, I found that EWG (Environmental Working Group) has tested store receipts. EWG has found levels of BPA at Safeway, Walmart, and even Whole Foods. You can read the full study at EWG.


Below is the graph of results from EWG's study on BPA in receipts

BPA-free receipts, Go Green

How to Avoid BP

The best way to stay away from BPA is to prevent it altogether and not accept a receipt. Many stores will now email you your proof of purchase—companies like Home Depot, J Crew, The Children's Place.BPA-free, skin-friendly receipts

If it is necessary to get a receipt at all costs, wash your hands thoroughly after handling it. Just put the receipt in an envelope to keep it separated, not to contaminate anything else.

Our Receipts are BPA Free

At Skin Perfection, our customer's safety is crucial to us. All of our receipts and shipping materials do not contain BPA.