Our Company is a Champion for Safe Cosmetics

We are proud signers of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics! We are committed to bringing you great cosmetics without the toxins or outrageous prices! This year, we were named as a "Champion!" Please read the Skin Deep Report for more information.

Our friends at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics just released their new report. Market Shift, and (drum roll please), Skin Perfection is on the shortlist of companies that broke the mold. Learn more: http://bit.ly/rqyvjj

Skin Perfection is a Champion for Safe Cosmetics

Skin Perfection is an EWG Skin Deep Champion Signer

Here is our approval letter:

Dear Compact Signer,

We want to thank you for your tremendous efforts to attain Compliance with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and confirm for you that your company is compliant with the Compact. Your compliance will be indicated with the release of an upcoming report on the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. We will notify compliant signers of the report release date in advance so that companies can be part of the press surrounding the release. At that time, your status is verified, and we can widely publicize this success.

On behalf of more than 170 women's health, cancer prevention, environmental, consumer, worker, and faith organizations that make up the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, thank you for all of your efforts to make products safe for our health and the environment. We look forward to a continued relationship with your company as we forge ahead with this work.

Be well,

Connie, Lisa, Mia, and all of us at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Skin Deep, The Environmental Working Group
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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