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5 Tips for Healthy Fingernails and Cuticles

Tips for Healthy Fingernails

We use our hands for almost everything. Whether cleaning the house, exercising, working, or doing dozens of other tasks, our hands take a ton of wear and tear every day. With this much abuse, keeping fingernails looking manicured and beautiful isn't easy. However, there are some things you can do to ensure healthy and gorgeous nails. Here are our tips for keeping them looking great!

5 Tips for Healthy Fingernails

Avoid Cutting and Damaging Cuticles

When you are trimming or filing your nails, try to avoid damaging your cuticles. Your cuticle is a wall against bacteria and fungi. Be extra careful to avoid damage to the cuticle, or you risk irritation, swelling, and infection.

Wear Gloves When Using Chemicals

While cleaning or working with chemicals, always use gloves to protect your nails. Over time these chemicals and cleaning agents can damage your cuticles and the surrounding area, leaving them lifeless and damaged.

Don’t Bite Them

Biting your nails is a common nervous habit, but this can be one of the worst things for them. This habit can damage your cuticles and cause infections. It can also alter how your nails grow and cause permanent damage to the nail bed. Additionally, this habit also increases the chance of you being exposed to viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. This can be a tough habit to break, so try using nail polish or adhesive bandages to make biting unappealing.

Eat Well and Drink Water

Your nails are a reflection of your protein intake and immune system. Ensure you are eating enough protein, drinking enough water, and consuming a lot of zinc and other nutrients from vegetables and fruits. Eating the right food for a healthy body means having healthier nails.

Use a Moisturizer

When nails become dry, they are more susceptible to cracking and breaking. Use a moisturizer before bed to help them stay hydrated and stronger. Moisturizer is good for your entire hand as well.

Nails Aren't Tools

It can be tempting to use your nails to remove staples, open can tabs, or do other tasks, but this can cause damage and breakage to them. It may take a few extra seconds, but finding the correct tool for the job will save you many nail problems in the long run.

Your fingernails take a lot of abuse every single day. But, if you follow these tips, you can help prevent permanent damage and keep your nails looking great. For more tips on keeping them looking beautiful, or if you want to learn more about us, contact us today!