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How PDO Threads Work, The Lifting Procedure and Benefits

Understanding PDO Threads: How they Work, The Lifting Procedure and Age-Defying Benefits

How do PDO Threads Work?

PDO threads work through a combination of immediate mechanical lifting and longer-term collagen stimulation. Let's break it down so even a 5th grader can understand:

Imagine your skin as a droopy, saggy tent. Now, if you want to lift parts of that tent to make it look tighter and smoother, you could use some ropes (or in this case, threads) to pull and lift it up. These ropes are what we call PDO threads.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Insertion: First, a doctor or trained professional will use a thin needle to insert the PDO thread beneath the skin. Think of this like threading a shoelace, but underneath your skin's surface.

  2. Immediate Lifting: Once the thread is in place, the doctor will adjust it to provide an instant lift to the saggy skin. The threads have tiny barbs or cogs that grab onto the skin tissue, helping to hold it in its new, lifted position. It's a bit like how Velcro works; the threads "grab" the skin and keep it taut.

  3. Collagen Boost: Now, here's the magic part. Your body notices these threads and thinks, "Hey, this is not supposed to be here!" In response, it starts producing a protein called collagen around the threads. Collagen is like the skin's natural elastic band; it keeps our skin firm and youthful. Over time, even as the PDO threads dissolve and disappear, this new collagen remains, ensuring that the skin continues to look tighter and more refreshed for months afterward.

  4. Dissolving Threads: PDO threads aren't permanent. They're made from a material called polydioxanone, which the body safely and naturally breaks down over time. Think of it like sugar dissolving in water. In about 6 to 9 months, these threads will dissolve entirely, but the benefits, thanks to the collagen, can last much longer.

  5. Safety: PDO threads have been used for many years in medical procedures, especially in surgeries, so doctors know they're safe for the body.

In essence, PDO threads are a minimally invasive treatment that provides an immediate lift and promotes long-term collagen production for a rejuvenated appearance. Always ensure that you consult with a qualified medical professional if you're considering the procedure, as it's essential to understand the potential risks and benefits for your specific situation.

The PDO Thread Lift 

Esthetician Performing a Mini Facelift with PDO Threads

Have you ever seen those string art projects where threads are stretched between pins to create a beautiful picture? Now, imagine a special kind of thread that doctors use to help make people's faces look fresher and younger. These are called PDO threads, and in this article, we're going to explain what they are, how they work, and share a personal experience about them!

What do PDO threads do? Simply put, they lift and tighten the skin. You can achieve a nonsurgical mini facelift in about an hour.

What are PDO threads? PDO threads are tiny medical-grade threads that are placed under the skin to lift and tighten it. They can help make saggy skin look smoother and more lifted. Think of them as invisible hands that gently pull the skin back to where it used to be when someone was younger.

What are they made of? PDO threads are made from a material called "polydioxanone." Sounds like a big, complicated word, right? But it's just a type of safe and absorbable material that doctors have used for many years in surgeries. Over time, these threads dissolve and disappear, just like how sugar dissolves in water.

Why get them? As we grow older, our skin can start to sag a little. PDO threads offer a kind of "mini facelift" without any major surgery. It can help with areas like the cheeks, jawline, brow line, and even eyes! Many people choose PDO threads because they want to look refreshed without the long recovery time of a traditional facelift.

Who should not get them? Just like how some rides at the amusement park have height restrictions, PDO threads aren't for everyone. If someone has certain health conditions or is allergic to the materials used, it's essential to talk to a doctor first.

Are they worth the cost? The cost of getting PDO threads can be quite a bit. For instance, you might spend $750 for the cheeks, or even $1,200 for the jawline. But when you think about the results, many people feel it's worth it. Just like how a brand new bicycle might cost a lot, but if you ride it every day and love it, then it feels like money well spent.

Benefits of a Mini Facelift with PDO Threads

  • It's less invasive than a full facelift.
  • Recovery is generally faster.
  • It can give a natural-looking lift.

Side Effects of PDO Threads

Risks and disadvantages: Like all treatments, there are some risks. Some people might feel pain, have swelling, or even bruising. It's super important to get PDO threads from a trained doctor to minimize these risks.

A Personal Experience with PDO Threads: I remember feeling nervous as I lay down for the procedure. The esthetician applied something called "lidocaine" to numb the area, but my thick chin muscle, called the "P muscle," made things tricky. It felt like being poked with fishhooks! Under the jawline was especially painful, and the pain lasted for a couple of weeks.

Day 1 after the procedure was pretty rough. It was painful, but I could still eat without any problems. By Day 2, I felt a bit swollen and by Days 3 and 4, my face was sore to touch. Thankfully, by Day 5, everything felt back to normal!

How Long Do PDO Threads Last?

PDO (polydioxanone) threads typically last in the body for about 6 to 9 months, depending on the individual's skin type, age, lifestyle, and the area treated.

Do they dissolve? Yes, PDO threads do dissolve over time! They usually last for several months, but after a while, they disappear as the body safely absorbs them.

While the threads themselves dissolve within this timeframe, the collagen stimulation effect that they induce can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. This collagen production helps to maintain the lifting and tightening effect for a longer duration even after the threads have dissolved.

However, individual results may vary, and it's essential to consult with a qualified medical professional to understand what to expect and how long the effects might last for you specifically.

Any famous people using PDO threads? Yes, many celebrities have turned to PDO threads to help them look their best on the red carpet. While most of them like to keep it a secret, it's known in the beauty industry that PDO threads are a popular choice among the stars.

PDO Threads Before and After 

PDO Threads Before and After

After undergoing the PDO threads procedure, many have marvelled at the rejuvenated appearance of their faces. The sagging skin, once reminiscent of the relentless march of time, now appears gracefully lifted, giving the face a more youthful contour and vivacity. The hollows and laxity have been replaced by a firmer, more defined structure, especially around the jawline, cheeks, and eyebrows.

But it's not just the visual transformation that captivates; it's the surge of renewed confidence and the joy of looking in the mirror and loving the reflection.

Real users often echo similar sentiments.

Julia, 45, mentions, 'I couldn't believe the instant change! My face looks refreshed, and I feel years younger.'

While Michael, 50, notes, 'The procedure was worth every penny. I feel more confident in social settings now.

PDO threads can be a good way to get a refreshed look without undergoing major surgery. But, like all medical procedures, it's essential to understand the risks and benefits and to consult with a professional.


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