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Microcurrent Facial Anti Aging Treatments

Microcurrent Facial

Of all the eMicrocurrent Facial Treatmentsxtreme anti-aging facial treatments out there in the world, microcurrent may sound like one of the most extreme. It is, however, gaining popularity and traction in the cosmetic industry, as we continue to discover its benefits. And when you take a look at the technology behind microcurrent facial treatments, it is backed by medical science and is far less invasive than other anti-aging measures. Using low-level currents, your complexion is toned and lifted. It is an exciting way to perfect your appearance. Botox, for example, injecting botulism into the face to paralyze muscles is very extreme, but it has found widespread success in the anti-aging market. Likewise, collagen injections, microdermabrasion, and even some creams go to insane lengths to rejuvenate the skin. Microcurrent anti-aging facial treatments are far less extreme and just as effective.

How Microcurrent Works

Our bodies run on electrical impulses, sent from the brain, through the nerves, to every part of the body. It is an electric current that keeps us alive, keeps our heart beating, and our cells functioning properly. But as we age, some cells lose they're current and are less able to stay full, firm, and plump. Like a battery, they lose their charge over time. Microcurrent works by delivering a new charge to those cells. The microcurrent therapy uses a small device to send very weak electrical currents into the skin, which stimulates some changes in the skin and muscles below the surface. At a biological level, the current triggers the production and metabolism of ATP, which is the chemical that powers all the cells in our bodies. Those cells affected by each burst of current begin working faster, and over time, they relearn to function as they once did, creating healthier, better-looking skin.

Facial Toning is a way to tone and lift facial muscles that have lost their firmness over time. You can lift the jawline and sagging cheeks which can cause laugh lines, for a more youthful appearance. It is a proven anti-aging technique that can be done manually with acupressure or with microcurrent. It is a great natural alternative to a facelift. Results do vary with method and frequency, but it can make a dramatic difference. 

Skin Perfection carries a facial toning system called the Derma Rescue. The Derma Rescue uses three separate panels: microcurrent, red light therapy, and blue light treatment. Each panel helps treat different concerns on the face, lifting, clarifying, and toning where the skin needs it most. The Derma Rescue tones and clears the skin through its light therapy and microcurrent waves; it will give your face the lift and beautiful complexion it needs.

Benefits of Microcurrent Anti-Aging Facial Treatments Microcurrent at Medispa

The immediate benefits of microcurrent therapy are an increase in blood flow and therefore, radiance. Over time, as the cells remember how to regenerate and appropriately use their energy sources, wrinkles begin to fade away, redness and inflammation are reduced, and age spots, scars, and sagging skin disappear. It also helps to remove environmental toxins from individual cells, as the charge introduced encourages cells to isolate and release these harmful substances. Only microcurrent facial treatments work through the process of re-education. LED light therapy stimulates the skin, creating an environment for a healthier, younger face, but microcurrent treatments produce longer-lasting, more dramatic results, as they work not only on the layers of skin but also on the muscles below the skin.
Are Microcurrent Facial Treatments Safe?
Many people shy away from these treatments because of how they sound on paper. The image conjured up is one of a mad scientist, reanimating flesh with a lightning bolt. But in reality, Microcurrent uses only a low level of electrical current, the same level of degree that runs naturally in our bodies. It is entirely safe, merely mimicking the body's impulses to stimulate cells that have fallen off the circuit. While some people feel a slight tingling sensation, very few experience any pain at all during their treatments. If you do experience a tingling sensation, you can always apply a thick gel that will absorb any tingling feelings. The procedures are safe and a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift. The best part is that results are immediate and you can see amazing results after just one microcurrent facial treatment!