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How to Care for your Skin in the Winter

How to Care for your Skin in the Winter

Do you update your skincare regimen for the winter months? No matter how radical the changes in the weather, you must always pay attention to any changes in your skin. And adjust your routine to give it all that is needed.

best winter skincare products

For most, winter is a time of drier indoor and outdoor conditions. There are the challenges of heating systems and their dry and dehydrating air. There is the problem of cold and blistering winds that also dry and burn the skin. Even UV rays are a problem in the winter.

So, how do you provide your skin with the best care throughout the winter months? You start with hydration. One of the best skincare routines you can do all year long involves nothing more than drinking enough decaffeinated fluid. Yep, eight glasses of fresh, water. By doing so, you are giving your body the supplies of water it needs to perform all of the other functions AND deliver any remaining amounts to the skin.

You will notice that if you are not getting enough water, your skin (no matter what season) can start to appear dry and cracked. Overcome dehydration by boosting water intake.

Then, you need to pay attention to the routine you use for the face and body.

Regular Daily Skin Care

Before we look at products ideal for optimal winter skincare, let’s take a moment to consider what sort of daily routine you should use for regular skincare. The most common regimen should include:

  • Exfoliating – This can be gentle exfoliation daily and then scrubs or masks once a week. You can use facial products and body scrubs to achieve this simple but essential step.
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Serum application
  • Moisturizing and using SPF

That’s it! Do this once in the morning and again in the evening. You will start to see significant improvements in your skin. You might even plan a midday boost by cleansing, toning, and applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Get around six to eight hours after you wake (which is not technically midday, i.e., noon, but more the middle of the hours you are awake and active).

Choosing Products

Of course, many people don’t see the results they want with their skincare routines. Frequently because they fail to drink enough water and do their daily routines. Even when they do, some still don’t see improvements. And this is usually down to one key factor: they don’t consider their skin type.

Skin types do not usually change much, but they can. For example, during the summer, you might feel your skin is oilier than it is during the winter. So, as winter rolls around, it might be advisable to switch to products for the dry or even mature skin. Why? They never remove too much of the oil and have a goal of keeping the skin hydrated and protected.

Another factor that can prevent those with drier skin from getting the best results from their skincare routines is that they avoid the use of toners. It's unfortunate and is because many think of toners as astringents. They are not always the same, though some toners can have astringent qualities. In other words, not all toners are meant to dry the skin and remove oil and impurities. Some are incredibly hydrating.

One of the essential steps for an optimal winter skincare routine is to keep the skin hydrated with facial mists (toners).

Facial Toners

If you have never added toner to your daily skin regimen, now is the ideal moment. You will see how it improves your skin’s condition as the winter begins. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how moist and vibrant your face becomes by merely adding a few sprits or applications of these toners to the routine:

D20 Skin Prep Toner – Designed to deliver moisture deep into the skin. It features “heavy water” that saturates the cells and allows better delivery of other active ingredients, including borage oil and cucumber. Skin Prep is for those with dry skin, those in arid climates and those living in the harsh conditions of winter. Use after cleansing but before serum applications for the best results.

Moisturizing Toner – This misting product makes it easier than ever to add a thorough application of toner just after cleansing. It is packed with natural AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that help to exfoliate the skin and trigger rapid cell turnover to produce the healthiest skin possible. However, it is also enriched with botanicals that deliver and seal in moisture, leaving even mature or seasonally dry skin super hydrated.

Collagen-boosting Serums

And once you have cleansed and toned, you can apply serums that lock in moisture or boost the effect of your moisturizing products. For example, you can use a liquid collagen serum to offer support to your skin’s natural collagen and elastin stores. When used in partnership with an intense hydrating moisturizer that also has collagen ingredients, it will provide optimal skin plumping and protection.

For wintertime, an excellent hydrating moisturizer with collagen is The Balm Hydrating EGF Peptide Cream.

It is designed to ensure healthy skin all year long. The Balm works as an anti-aging formula and cream that helps the skin to restore its natural collagen levels through intense hydration. Featuring MitoProtect, it helps the skin to resist the damages that lead to signs of aging and to rejuvenate itself at a faster pace. It features white tea that helps the skin manage environmental stressors, and it can improve skin in less than a week.

Moisture-surge Moisturizers

The Ultimate Night Moisturizer is also a good choice for those looking for optimal wintertime skincare. Pre-treat the skin with a collagen serum and then count on the intense hydrating ingredients in this formula that include antioxidants, firming and tightening ingredients and more.

It can feel as if the winter takes a lot out of your skin, but with these tips and products, you can return all that the winter removes. Plus, it even helps your skin to improve, replenish, and rejuvenate throughout the winter months.