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Vegan Skincare and Beauty Products

Vegan Skincare, Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Vegan Skincare

“How can you tell if someone’s a vegan?” the joke asks, and the punch line goes, “Don’t worry, they’ll tell you!”

Whether you have any friends who are vegan or not, you’ve probably run into a few of these zealous vegetarians in your life.

They have done more than just cut meat out of their diets; they’ve cut out all animal products, including dairy, eggs, and even honey. While you may be familiar with a vegan diet, did you know that vegan products go beyond foods?

You can get vegan skincare, cosmetics, and beauty products that are entirely cruelty-free and don’t have any animal products in them at all.

What Is Vegan?

People choose to go green for many reasons. They eat a vegan diet or live a completely vegan lifestyle – forsaking all products and practices that use animals for food, entertainment, cosmetics, etc.

This includes animal by-products such as honey, eggs, and beeswax.

Most of the food they eat is plant-based. Some people go vegan to show their opposition to animal testing and cruelty. Others do it for their health and wellness.

Individuals who are vegans for their health often aren’t as strict about avoiding animal products in their clothing, makeup, and hair products.

However, some of the ingredients derived from animals in these products may be harmful to the complexion.

These include parabens, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, and talcum powder, all of which have come under fire for different health and safety issues.

Find alternative animal sources in food for vegans

What Are Vegan Products?

As the name suggests, vegan skincare is skincare without the addition of any animal parts or products.

Vegan skincare products are those that don’t include any animal products, including those we mentioned just a moment ago.

So what’s wrong with those products? And why should you consider avoiding them and sticking to vegan products?

Parabens and synthetic fragrances have both been strongly suspected of being endocrine disrupters.

As you age, your body has enough trouble producing the right balance of hormones without throwing it off with parabens or synthetic fragrances (especially those containing phthalates).

Petroleum is used as a moisturizer and sealer for lip balms and lipsticks.

Don't worry! Our lip balm is certified organic and EWG Verified. Meaning, you can feel good about using products that are safe.

While it may feel like it locks moisture in, how often do you have to reapply your lip balm when you use one that’s petroleum-based? Pretty often, right?

That’s because the petroleum in these products dry your lips out and makes them feel more chapped.

Kinder and Gentler Skincare

Not only are vegan skincare products kinder and gentler to animals and the environment, but they’re also made from more natural, organic ingredients instead of synthetics.

These ingredients are less harsh than others, giving you a better overall look and feel when you use them.

Vegan products also tend to skip on filler ingredients and preservatives. This means that your cosmetics may have a shorter shelf life than traditional products, but it also means that you’ll be absorbing fewer chemicals into your skin.

Natural ingredients used in vegan products – including aloe vera, acai fruit, alpha hydroxy acids, and antioxidants – are by far the better choices when you want to give your skin a full spa treatment at home.

They have amazing anti-aging effects and can moisturize, smooth, and restore gorgeous skin.

When you choose vegan skincare, you’re selecting cruelty-free products derived from natural sources with the most vitamins and minerals available.

If you’d like an eco-friendly, humane beauty routine that provides gentler, less irritating cleansing, moisturizing, and beautifying effects, you may want to consider switching to all-natural vegan skincare, cosmetics, and beauty products.