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How to Lift Hooded Eyelids Without Surgery

How to Lift Hooded Eyelids Without Surgery

Have you ever any noticed extra skin under the eyebrow area? This common facial feature is known is hooded eyelids. While hooded eyelids are often genetic, they can become accentuated with age or medical causes, such as Botox gone wrong.

Beautiful still, those with hooded eye lids often have trouble putting on makeup, or feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This can be corrected with surgery, but in this article, we will discuss how to lift hooded eye lids without surgery!

Hooded Eyelid Solutions (Without Surgery)


Microcurrent is a non-invasive skin care treatment that fights aging, boosts collagen and elastic production, increases cell regeneration, and more. Most importantly, microcurrent has the power to naturally lift hooded eyelids! Microcurrent works by sending an electrical current to muscles and skin cells. This electrical current poses a triple-threat by toning, firming, and lifting the skin.

Derma Rescue, our 3-in-1 facial toning system, includes LED light therapy, in addition to microcurrent. LED light therapy has been proven to lessen puffiness around the eyes, which can in-turn improve the attribute of hooded eyelids. Any skin type can try this non-surgical facelift alternative, without downtime or negative side effects!

Eyelid tape

The simplest fix for hooded eyelids is the gentle use of eyelid tape. Eyelid tape is a clear, adhesive strip you can place around the eyelid to create the illusion of a more lifted eye.

Cleanse the skin before applying the tape to ensure it properly adheres and sticks throughout the day. Place the tape under your preferred crease line with the help of tweezers. Use makeup to disguise the tape and create your own look. If you’re having difficulty camouflaging the tape, try wearing some false eyelashes to cover it up.

Topical Treatments for Droopy Lids

Pepha Tight

Found in our Pepha Tight Serum Booster, Pepha Tight, or Marine Collagen, is a peptide comparable to our skin’s natural collagen. With consistent use, Pepha Tight has been proven to tighten the skin and improve the skin’s texture. This peptide has been described as the “product for those who can’t wait for an anti-aging cream to do its thing.”

In no time flat, you can witness the improvement of your hooded eyes with the assistance of this ingredient!


Like hyaluronic acid, Didpeptide-2 is a peptide purposed to maintain the skin’s hydration and natural moisture levels. It has also been shown to diminish under-eye puffiness. Comparable to lipids located in our epidermis, Didpeptide-2 is typically used to treat skin care conditions surrounding the eye area. Consequently, this ingredient can be seen in many eye creams.

Matrixyl 3000

This synthetic collagen booster is made up of two active, anti-aging peptides: palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl-tetrapeptide-7. Together, these peptides firm the skin and suppress inflammatory responses that lead to other skin concerns.

Our Matrixyl 3000 serum booster renews the skin’s firming mechanisms and over time, naturally transform hooded eyelids. This serum booster can be added to your favorite serum, lotion, or cream to lift, smooth, and moisturize your skin!


With water-binding abilities and skin-replenishing properties, Argireline is known as a neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptide. In laymen’s terms, that translates to having the power to subside signs of aging.

Dubbed the “number 1 ingredient to reduce the appearance of wrinkles,” by many, Argireline is the most trusted and sought-after anti-aging peptide! Implementing this ingredient in your skin care routine is sure to help lift hooded eyes.


Eyeseryl has been proven to alleviate eye puffiness in only 15 days. With anti-edema properties (reduction of swelling caused by fluid,) this peptide is a reliable ingredient to address skin care concerns around the eye region, such as hooded eye lids and puffy eyes.

Another peptide frequently added to eye creams, its humectant-rich formula hydrates and lifts the skin with ease. Our Eyeseryl - Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 serum booster is a great way to target puffy eyes and improve lymphatic circulation. Add this serum booster to your go-to eye-care product for optimal results!

Encapsulated Retinol

Less irritating than traditional retinol, encapsulated retinol acts a time-release technology that extends the duration between the ingredient touching your skin and when it begins working. Encapsulated retinol allows active ingredients to further penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

Our Peptide Eye Serum contains encapsulated retinol, as well as the peptides Acetyl Octapeptide-3 and Acetyl Hexapeptide-30. Together, these ingredients strive to achieve a youthful glow, tighter skin, and lifted eyes!

Natural Ingredients to Fight Crepey Eyelids


Antioxidants make the world of skin care products go ‘round! Incorporated in nearly all skin care products, antioxidants are natural ingredients intended to fight off free radicals and environmental factors, such as like UV rays and pollution, on top of protecting the skin from oxidative damage. Antioxidants are accredited to combating aging, reducing inflammation, and healing the skin.

We have numerous products containing antioxidants, including: the Edelweiss Extract Antioxidant Serum Booster, Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic acid, All-Natural Essential Moisturizer, and more.

Below we will review potent, powerful, and protective antioxidants that can be used to lessen the exaggeration of hooded eyes.


Coffee isn’t the only use for caffeine… Caffeine is actually a well-known, effective skin care ingredient employed to decrease dark eye circles and prevent premature aging. When applied topically, caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor, which temporarily constricts your blood vessels and minimizes skin swelling. Therefore, caffeine is a leading antioxidant when it comes to improving hooded eyes.

Green tea

Although green tea also contains caffeine, it remains a separate ingredient in-of-itself due to its incredible skin benefits.

Green tea is an antioxidant used to

  • protect the skin
  • decrease eye puffiness
  • aid moisture retention

Some of our products made with green tea include the Matrixyl Collagen Booster Serum, All-Natural Essential Moisturizer, and Neck Lift and Firm Serum with 20% Pepha Tight. Kick gravity to the curb with the use of green tea in your skin care regimen!


Soothing and hydrating, cucumber has anti-inflammatory characteristics that reduce eye puffiness and the presence of hooded eyes. Made up of folic acid and caffeic acid, these components have been shown to elevate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. Try our Eye Bright with Argireline with cucumber to counter aging, lift your eyes, and revive your skin’s natural barrier!

Because all eyes are beautiful, we understand if you want to rock your hooded eyelids, or if you would rather have them lifted. To each their own on their individual skin care journey. We are here to support you with science-backed education and skin care products that yield effective results and a happy you!



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By: Sara Katharine Creamer, Licensed Esthetician